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by djm

There there! (It's actually "hear hear") :-)

I don't use that function indigo, I read the sections by themselves. There are far, far, far too many unread posts as I only read what sounds interesting and threads I usually pay attention to :-)

by Weenie

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by tinchy

you understood what i meant :up:

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by dmp

nathanong87 wrote:was thankful for 55F temperatures (which is about 20deg higher than what it's been leading up to today)

It's a bit cooler here today- -14F this morning (that's -25C)! Way below my threshold for "too cold to ride". Icy roads, too.

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by Routier

basilic wrote:this thread is getting slow, get posting

I think it's the time of year, it's not good for photography in the northern hemisphere. Unless you live in the Alps!

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by Dalai

I only post photos of what I think is interesting scenery. At the moment much of my time is on suburban training routes or on the velodrome...

Only a lucky few can live in the Alps and have such beautiful vistas every day! :thumbup:

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by wojchiech

It's mostly still sunny here in the Bay Area, but riding inland in the south foothills near Morgan Hill means temps can reach 0 deg C or lower. This photo below is deceiving. I was in full warmers, winter base layer, neoprene gloves, booties, climbing at near threshold, and I still wasn't warm. :| Still, I'm out riding and that's all that matters. :beerchug:


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by GASer

@%@#%@!#@$ just a look was enough for the bike to fall dawn, when those riders passed by :p

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by Monkeyboy3333

aaaah thats annoying. wish i was in the sun there!

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by FredBloggs

How mint does the condition of that road look! If Carlsberg made roads.... :D

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by nathanong87

wojchiech wrote:Image

this bike looks illest

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by KWalker

Col de Saxel is one of my favorite climbs. The views are awesome and there is basically no traffic on the road (but when there is its pretty damn scary)
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by erty65

wojchiech wrote:It's mostly still sunny here in the .....
How much saddle/bar drop?

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by basilic

GASer wrote:Image

I like it! how about a caption contest

"it figures - he was riding SRAM"

"ok, he did win the sprint to the signpost"

"in the dry desert heat, this stuff takes decades to rust and crumble"

"I told you Skip was indecisive"

"now it's just you and me for the win, buster"

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by basilic

and I agree that winter is not so picturesque. The mountains are great but mostly too cold to ride. We're having a few good days
the Jura range

Môle, Mt Blanc, les Aravis

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by wojchiech

erty65 wrote:How much saddle/bar drop?

about 6 in, or 152mm from top of saddle to top of bars.

Natural flexibility + keeping up with stretching and recovery lets me have that position. I've gotten so used to having a low position that if I put a higher stem on I feel cramped. :lol: :beerchug:

by Weenie

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