Best of the bests - which groupset from the last 20years

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by drotos

I'd like to ride a neo-retro build in the next seasson. I'm thinking about groupsets, parts, etc.

I like the 8spd shimano parts (Dura Ace 74xx, 600, 105), but I'm interested in Your opinions.

If You had the chance to choose components from the last 20years, what would Your preferences?

At this time, my favourites are 7400 STI, 7402 rear and front mech, 7800 brakes and chainset...

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by gummee

Superbe Pro followed closely by D/A 7700


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by Causidicus

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by cesemo

campagnolo without a doubt.. Famous saying about campy "When everybody wears out campagnolo wears in"

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by audiophilitis

If you're going for a classic, retro build -- my vote would be on: Campy C-Record w/ friction down tube shifters and Delta brakes, Mavic SSC rims built on C-Record hubs, Cinelli bar/stem, Brooks saddle, Time Titan pedals (first model with "float"). Ideally, this would be built on a classic Italian Columbus steel frame...

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by RussellS

I'm partial to my 1998 Campagnolo Chorus 9 speed kit. This was the first year of the rounded top Ergo hoods. Previously they had pointy tops. I have had to rebuild the Ergo levers. One of the pieces inside always breaks. Easy enough to replace the cast aluminum broken piece with the newer carbon/plastic piece. Silver aluminum hubs. Probably round up a seatpost too. The above kit has worked fine for 15 years. If you can find a late 90s early 2000s Chorus or Record kit, you will not be unhappy. Its 9 speed.

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by Calnago

If you're going Campy I'd stick with 10spd versions for parts availability or if you want 11sp go with 2011 or later. 2009/2010 versions did not have the newer chainrings with added pins for noticeably better front shifting and they did not have the stronger spring in the rear derailleur which improved the rear shifting down the cassette. It can tend to lag a bit with the earlier weaker spring. The spring was a running change as are many things with Campy. Couple other small things changed from 2009 like the white cable bushing in the right derailleur. It's an easy modification if you want to change it out however. Also, the early 11spd rear derailleurs need a modification to work properly with the 29 tooth cog when they released the 12/29 11sp cassette. Again, a pretty easy mod at a cost of $15 for the part.
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Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Looking back, those DA 7700 / Ultegra 6600 hoods with cables sprouting out of the tops were horrible. Talk about ugly cable aesthetics!

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by HillRPete

Ugly maybe, but my 6600 shifted unbelievably smoothly.

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by record

7700 had crappy right shifter problems that often stopped working quite soon.

My vote goes to 7800. The fact that it still performs even today is saying something. No technical problems, great reliability, just perfect.
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by kgt

Campagnolo Record ergopower 8, 9 or 10 speed.

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by glepore

Throw in my two cents-I still ride an original 1996 Campy 9 spd record group, flawless-I did add Delta's simply for the look.

There is an uber-cool TVT "Bottecchia" on ebay now that I'd love to build up with the appropriate late 80's Campy group. I think that race replicas are cool-Motorola MX leader bikes with period Shimano etc.

The pinnacle of mechanical shifting for me was 7800, but its not really retro.
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by Geoff

The C Record group comes immediately to mind, but it was still a 'step down' from Super Record. I remember being really excited when C Record came and we got our new rides.

It was 1988, the Olympics were here, we had a new ride (Zullo instead of Colnago) and that fabulous C Record group. It was beautifully shaped and looked modern and fast. The problem was it didn't work as well as Super Record. The Delta brakes looked really cool, but weren't as reliable as Super Record. The shifting was just ok.

Sometimes we don't recognize a significant event when it happens, but I still think that Super Record and the old Nuovo Record were a high-water mark for bicycle components.

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by Stolichnaya

Showing my age, I have to vote definitively for early 90's Record or Chorus 8-speed grouppos. They never failed.

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by SWijland

DA 7700. Beautiful, works great, looks subtle and last but not least it is shiny.

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