ENVE SES 4.6 - what would you say?

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Johhny Bravo
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by Johhny Bravo

thatdkid wrote:I would guess that some of the best composite and aerodynamic engineers know what they are doing....

yeah, i think the same. that's why i trusted zipp engineers on the front and enve engineers on the rear :thumbup:
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by nhluhr

But the rear wheel makes very little difference in aerodynamics. Going back and forth between a Smart 3.4 and a 404FC is basically pointless.

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by Imaking20

I'm not sure I'd run those mismatched wheels if they were free.

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by MarkTwain


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by Geoff

There is so much other 'stuff' to worry about, it will honestly probably not make that much of a difference. Would I prefer a 'matched set'? Probably, but mostly for aesthetic reasons.

Nice bike.

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by munk93

I'm thinking Enve 4.4. You have 24 in both front and rear. And it looks alot better than two slightly different hights. About the advantage, then I wouldn't doubt Enve's engineers. But I'm more in for good looks. As long as the wheels are pretty stiff, and fairly light.

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by davidalone

the ENVE smart wheels were designed as a system to work together. so by using a 303 front well I think you'd be giving up something there. ( it all depends on different design philosophies anda ll that, but hey I'm no expert.)

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by mebo

Just about to buy some enve 3.4 tubulars, so I went to their site to see if there was anything new in the works, and much to my surprise all their rims are now posted at a heavier weight. The new weight for the 3.4 tub rims are now 377/398 up from340/380, the classic 25 went from 260 to 274. When I asked enve if they're using cheaper carbon and more of it to maintain their old stiffness, they said no and that they updated all the weights to reflect their true weight. Being a cynic, I have no way of knowing if the carbon is the same that they were using before.Cheaper carbon and more of it will give you the same stiffness as a lighter hi grade carbon

Any of you wheelbuilders ever weigh the enve rims before you built.

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by nhluhr

"Cheaper" carbon and more of it to yield the same stiffness will also result in better toughness, so it's not exactly lose-lose.

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by mebo

nhluhr, another explanation maybe is that they are using the same hi grade carbon and more of it to increase both stiffness and toughness since they have no rider weight limit. And last time I checked the U.S. population is getting bigger and more likely to buy Carbon wheels as their popularity continues to soar. Could be a smart move to prevent future liabilities.

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by mebo

Opps. re last post. I meant to say the U.S. population is getting heavier.

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by commfire

Hoping for a 5.5

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by poppiholla

You must be grazy to ride with different front and rear wheels :-) Sorry but it looks .....not so good.
Nice frameset by the way.

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by sawyer

1. Wheels should be from the same manufacturer

2. Different series wheels are allowed if they have the same aesthetics, other than rim depth and width

3. Front wheel must be no deeper than rear wheel
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by RedRacer


I would buy a 4.6 clincher set-up if the aero specs were good and the rim weight wasn't more than 40g/per more than the 3.4s.


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