Giant Propel SL vs Defy SL

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by JimV

Looks like my team is switching bikes next year to Giant. Has anyone that owns a Propel SL wished for a Defy SL to train on, for comfort and or tire clearance? Because of a team merger the shop that has the deal with Giant is 800 miles from me and I would rather not exercise a local shop with test rides for which that shop is not going to get the sale.

by Weenie

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by BrianVarick

I would probably explain your situation to the local shop that carries Giant and then buy some small necessities there to compensate.

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by bearsdidit

Coming from a Giant dealer, I would go with a TCR Advanced SL and a Propel for flatter options. The TCR is super comfortable and has a good geometry. IMO, the Defy doesn't handle well and feels like a boat. I'm not completely sold on the Propel and would personally stick to the TCR.

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by davidalone

Very different bikes there. The defy handling is slowed down alot from the race geo. Still raceable but It's personal choice. Definitely still a nice bike to ride though.

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by prebsy

Assuming you are not getting these bikes for free just get a TCR. It might not have the sex appeal or wow factor of the propel by my god is it an amazing ALL AROUND bike.

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by NealH

If your training involves crit type maneuvering then the TCR may be the better choice. However, if its fast road riding with good distances involved the Defy would be an excellent choice. As mentioned above, the handling on the Defy is just a little slower. The TCR a little more agile and quick.

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by Stats

+1 on getting a TCR Advanced (SL if possible)... better all-round bike... guys that I know, who are sponsored by Giant, have opted for them over the Propel... except for one guy who I believe is more focused on being a good little marketer as opposed to choosing the better bike for the rider.

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by JimV

Thanks for the input. I did 75% of my races last year on 808's so you would have to have a really strong argument against the Propel as my race bike. In the Midwest Aero wins almost every time. My friends that have Venges say that they have never been on anything faster, but all are happy that they have a second bike. With only a $200 difference in MSRP between the TCR and Defy would one want a TCR as training and tight course or hilly race bike. Is the TCR SL comfy enough to spend 4 or 5 hours on crappy back roads?

by Weenie

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by yeagermeister

The TCR will be perfect. I have ridden my 2013 TCR SL aluminum for 5-6 hour rides on gravel/dirt roads and it is plenty comfortable. If you are racing the Propel you do not need a Defy.

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