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by Garnished

Is there a titanium bolt for lock on grips? Or are the bolt sizes different on them. I was wondering because I just got some lock on grips for my BMX project.

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by DanW

You should be able to get some from somewhere like Toronto cycles as they do "miniature" bolts. Just measure the thread width and length and you're good to go. The weight savings on such a small bolt are likely to be fractions of a gram I'd have thought though...

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by ridonkulus

I think the Ti bolts being so small would make a minuscule difference, if the clamp could be made of Ti though then you'd save some more weight. If you insist on bolts though listen to the poster above.

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by DanW

Lock ons tend to be alu so no weight saved in the actual lock on with any other materials. You're better off sourcing a replacement grip to save some g's rather than Ti bolts IMO

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by bombertodd

Also note that some lock-on bolts have smaller heads than what normally would be found on the same threaded bolt.

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by bm0p700f

Waste of time the saving would be less than 1g. Foam grips are the way to save weight really, if you can cope with foam.

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by madcow

I'd agree that the bolt isn't a good place to save weight. If you don't like foam grips I'd definitely recommend checking out Lizard Skins DSP. Grips without end plugs are 16 grams per pair and use a glue/tape based installation method which keeps them solidly in place. I got a set of the prototypes a while ago and have been really happy with them.

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by 02GF74

the weight saving is tiny but no reason not to do it - I am not aware of anyone who sell Ti bolts that small, guessing 3 mm size (or if you have crank brothers grips, then some odd imperial size which would be harderr to source).

I am using alloy botls to hold the clip for the front brake hose to the fork as well as the gaitro clips on lefty forks, ofcourse the weight saving is tiny but alloy bolts are not too expsenisive and every little helps.

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