Light weight carbon handlebars

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by addictR1

UpFromOne: I found one on ebay.. listed new. but seller said it's 210g for the 44cm. fake model maybe?" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

UPDATE: buyer beware - got confirmation from Zipp that this is not authentic so no warranty.

We are uncertain about this bar – graphics look good.
BTW the seller has been reported to e-bay before for infractions – is not an authorized Zipp dealer, and you will not get warranty or crash replacement benefits.

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by Weenie

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by RMcC

UpFromOne wrote:Another vote for Zipp SLC2 compact with the vibration technology. Big bang for the buck, and my 46cm well under 200g.

Zipp list them as 195g for the 42cm bars. Have you cut them to get this weight as I'm interested if they are under 200g in that size?

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by UpFromOne

Some pics of my zipp bars, I'm pretty sure they're genuine:

sorry I already mounted the brakes where I want them, and not gonna take em off just to do a scale shot.
these 46s (44 c-c) are a hair under 200g. just a good layup i think.

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by madsry

elviento: I don't have experience with anything but a few aluminum bars and my current Bontrager carbon bars, which feel a bit flexy in comparison. Does anyone have suggestions for lightweight bars that don't give up stiffness to achieve a number?

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by martinSL

3T Ergonova Team on all my bikes (but CX and TT) and loving them. The new ones have deeper grove for the cables. Weight - 190 grams for 42cm. Super solid and getting excellent reviews from the riders, racers and testing labs. Love the flat bar sections and compact profile
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by Anders3404

I have the same, mine is 205 gram for 42 cm, but still a lot less than the PRO version which was 313 grams for 44 cm

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Just received a set of these.... ... d-bar.html

187g for a 40cm bar! Not used yet but feel pretty stiff

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by Zigmeister

Happy withy my 3T Ergonova also. I'm looking to move maybe to Deda's Presa. It is supposed to be 210g at 42.

Personally I run the shallowest drop/reach possible, like the 3T and Presa and other carbon compacts. They are typically all around 200g...and I don't find them flexy as a sprinter. They help take the sting out of my Scott Foil front end somewhat...that is really the reason I went to carbon bars.

I'm personally looking for a new stem/bar combo. I prefer to have the same brand cockpit. So finding a carbon shallow handlebar with an 8-10 deg stem is proving difficult.

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by GT56

KOGAN wrote:Just received a set of these.... ... d-bar.html" onclick=";return false;

187g for a 40cm bar! Not used yet but feel pretty stiff

the evo version of this one (42 cm) i received yesterday comes in at 192 g

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by Briscoelab

My wife just got some Thomson KFC bars for her cx bike this season and loves them. Well under claimed weight and stuff enough that I would use them. At $250 retail, they are a good deal as well.

My current fav are the pro vibe carbon round bars. LOVE them.

I've had good luck with 3t rotundo team bar as well. (And I have one for sale in the classifieds ;) )

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by newnan3

I have the 3T Ergonova Team that i like a lot. I dont have any other experience with carbon bars however.....

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by MNX1024

I'm in the market for a handlebar for the new bike. Also looking for something that is light and carbon too, let's add stiff as one more criteria. Kind of down to the Zipp SLC2 and 3T Ergonova LTD, but what do you guys think, how do the two compare, and any other suggestions you have in mind? I may actually consider the Team edition since I'm not too keen on spending an extra $100 for saving only 5 grams. Is the LTD version stiffer by any chance?

Does anyone know if the SLC2 flares out on the drops?

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by beanbiken

I have the Ergo LTD's on my main bike and Team on my other bike. I wanted to go to a wider bar so I brought the LTD's [on you beaut special]. Personally I would go with whichever suited better be it red or silver. Can't tell any difference myself in regards to feel or stiffness.
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by NiFTY

MNX1024 - I have no experience with the SLC2. I have both the Team and LTD version of the ergonovas in 42cm. I didn't weigh my team but the fairwheel review puts them at 223g. My LTD weighed 189g.
In terms of stiffness I can't compare directly. I have the LTDs with a carbonwrap ritchey c260, on an evo. The Team are on a 3T Arx Pro stem mounted on a tarmac sl3.

The Team/Pro/SL3 combo seems stiffer when sprinting. Not sure which element of the combo that is down to though, the fairwheel test certainly shows that the 3T stem is stiffer than the ritchey so it may just be that. It certainly isn't a noodle of a bar. It is way stiffer than the old specialized anatomic bend bar I originally had on my tarmac SL1.
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by Weenie

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by nickf

The Williams cycling elan ccs bar is nice. $179 40cm@187g. Mine broke just under the levers last week after a crash. Replacing with his alloy bar just over 200g.

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