2 cranks or cannondale spidering

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Which Crank

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by prebsy

I plan on switching to garmin vectors which frees up my crankset choices. I want to have the flexibility to switch between compact and standard cranks on my caad10. Right now I am considering a sisl2 with 2 spiderings or 2 red exograms. Sisl2 offers better performance but is a bit more expensive. So what would you do?

by Weenie

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by headwind816

The SLSI2 cranks will require special tools, which means more money out of pocket to secure those tools. Personally, I would go Exogram compact and buy two sets of rings: 52/36 and 50/34 assuming you wanted the latter.

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by JensW

but at the same time, considering the price on the sisal2 arms, the "special" tool you need (it´s just one) isn't so pricy

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by upside

Yup, easy Hollowgram

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by btompkins0112

CAAD10? Hollowgram, no question. I fought it for a while, but it's money well spent on the cranks made for your frame.

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by Dammit

If you get the Hollowgram then I'll sell you my Hollowgram SRM and PC-7 for the same price as the vector

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by jockster

I like the Rotor cranks which have removable spiders and comes in both 110 and 130 BCD versions

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by TheDoc


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by prebsy

Sounds like I will get the spidering. It should work with my old si arms and si spindle correct?

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by Danza

yes IIRC

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by NiFTY

Yep to spiderings working with old si crank and spindle.

If going with hollowgrams why not the cannondale stages si crank arm. 170g on my scale for 172.5. Half price of vectors, less weight, no increase in q factor.

If removing spidering you will need 2 sets of tools. The 2 piece crank arm puller, and the lockring removal/installation tool.
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by Weenie

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by prebsy

stages is very light but it isn't a good power meter. It looks like I will be sticking with my hollowgram SRM for now since nothing sells during the winter.

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