Cutting a seatpost.

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by gtxizang

Just bought a Titanium Airborne seatpost. Its 33cms long. I usually use a 10cm length to ride. I want to cut 10m of the post to lose weight, is that safe to do? It will leave me with 23cms. 13 cms of the seatpost in the frame and 10 outside. Its supposed to be bulletproof, so I just want to trim it somewhat. Your thoughts thanks.

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Frankie - B
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by Frankie - B

Stop being in doubt, get the pipe cutters or the hack saw out.

I you want to go even lighter, you can also make a diagonal cut like Ritchey does with its posts.

Please next time post this in Road or MTB forums. :thumbup:
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by Gearhead65

+1. I did the same. Just watch your minimum insertion length and it will work fine.
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by elviento

If your weight is that of a typical cyclist, you can probably cut off 16cm of post.
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by gtxizang

Thanks guys. I just bought a Moots 40cm post, 27.2 there's no insertion marks, I'm about 105kgs how much do you think I can cut of safely thanks :D

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by Juanmoretime

With a titanium post you could get by with as little as 70mm inside the frame. For me personally my number is I like at least a 100mm in the frame.

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by hurricanejosh

you want the bottom of the seatpost to extend past the bottom of the top tube at the TT/seat tube junction by at least 2cm. this prevents lateral forces from stressing that joint and "twisting" your top tube off the seat tube. otherwise you should be fine.

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by Devon

gtxizang wrote:I want to cut 10m of the post to lose weight

You may have some issues if you cut 10 metres off your post ;)
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