SRam Powerlink on DA?

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by addictR1

I'm building a bike for my wife with DA7800 group. Can I use the SRam power link with it or any other type of masterlink?

I've read some will cause the chain to skip forward. Any suggestions?


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by Grimpeur

Yes, used both Sram powerlinks aswell as the KMC ones multiple times on DA7800 (and other shimano chains) without problems.
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by Jepas

Yes you can, but I found Wipperman Connex link easier to open because you do it by hand.

I have used both on a CN-7901 chain and I choose the second one.

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by jockster

Have used KMC chainlinks with good results on 10sp 7900 chains. Easy to remove, harder to "pull in place".
Dead easy with a masterlink plier though which I strongly recommend - ... iers-mlp-1

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by eric

The Park tool is great for removing KMC links. When they are new they are hard to remove without a tool. To get them to snap in place after installing, rotate the chain so the link is on the top run, lock the rear brake and step on the crank. It doesn't take much force. But make sure the pins are in place first.

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by rijndael

If you need to open them, and don't have the pliers, just insert an allen wrench on either side of the link and squeeze them together.

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by addictR1

Thanks for all your replies. Guess the sram one is easy to remove without using tools?

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by lannes

+ 1 on the wippermann connex, it's the easiest to remove

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by addictR1

Thanks.. bought the wippermann

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by Zigmeister

I use a KMC missing link all the time on my Ultegra and DuraAce chains. Works fine, no problems. I hate the Shimano bullet link, PITA and not reusable if you have to remove the chain ever. I just keep a few missing links always on hand.

I did buy the Park MLP1 tool for removing the link. You dont need the one for closing it, that can be done by hand strength, pulling on both sides of the chain with a towel for grip I found.

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