Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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giant man
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by giant man

Tacx Spider Team - highly recommended and cheaper than the Park ones!

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by AGW

Feedback Sports IMO are superior to Park. Haven't tried Tacx.

by Weenie

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by MarkGiardini

Tacx Spider Team FTW.
One of the best bike related purchases I ever made.
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by bombertodd

AGW wrote:Feedback Sports IMO are superior to Park. Haven't tried Tacx.

I have the Feedback Pro Elite stand and it is more quality than the park stand my friend has. I'd recommend the OP look into the Sprint stand. ... 74C29.aspx


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by hurricanejosh

Devon wrote:
theosaurus wrote:I was thinking about modifying a cheapo lidl work stand to that style using extruded aluminium section like this

That's a possibility. I have the Lidl clamp stand currently.

How would you fabricate the fork QR attachment?

you could use a fork mount designed for a bike rack. they run around $20


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by solarider

I have an older style Park stand that clamps to the frame/seatpost.

It is quite large when folded, so I wanted something more compact, but with the stands featured in this thread, how do you work on front caliper and disc brakes without the wheel in place?

Not picking holes in the design, just genuinely interested from people using them before I take the plunge.

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by maxxevv

You flip the bike from the front and take out the rear wheel instead when you want to work on the front.

The Parktool and Tacx stands all have dual size clamps to fit front/rear dropouts as needed.

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by eric01

I have the park prs-20. Suits me fine. No complaints and would recommend to others.

Just a word of advice: if you do enough wrenching at home to consider buying a workstand, don't go cheap. You kind of get what you pay for in this area. And it should be something you buy once and use for years or decades. Very frustrating to work on a flimsy stand.
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