My new project,PLANET X n2a

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by mihai

Still in progress,I think she will have 6,8kg,with Ultegra 6700 ergopowers and derailleurs.

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by LouisN

Looks promising :thumbup: !!!

Gossamer Crankset ?

And a bit optimistic IMHO ...

Louis :)

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by MarkGiardini

Nice build man...stem is probably a bit too red for me, and the tyres too. But nice!
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by syncmaster

Always loved this frame but I lost interest after it was revealed how heavy it actually was. I'll be pleasantly surprised if you are under 7kg with this, but I'm rooting for you!

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by mihai

With a different crankset(fsa slk) and quickrelease(titanium) is 6.6.
To be continue.

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by btompkins0112

Looks cool! New tires when those wear out please!

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by michel2

I dig those tyres i think they fit nicley (;

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by Ghastly

Sorry I'm replying on an old topic, but I'm wondering about the length of the seatpost. I'm in doubt wether to buy a large or XL frame... Seatheight is at 823mm (centre bracket-saddle deck) and my stem sits at 180mm above the forkcrown.
L -> headtube length = 165mm, seattube length (c-t) = 555m, toptube = 564mm
XL -> headtube = 184mm, seattube = 580mm, toptube = 581mm

current frame: Canyon with a headtube length of 160mm, seattube length 570mm and toptube 560mm

which to choose???

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