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Hi all

Picking up my new S5 this week, need to make a decision on wheels, want some solid all-weather wheels for general riding, but not for huge climbing/descents.

Thinking Zipp 303s (if they fit, seems to be some talk about being too wide at the back), Mavic CC40 or maybe Enve 3.4s. Or some FFWD?

Would appreciate some thoughts, I have a set of Lightweights for summer so want something a little more hardy (probably clinchers).


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by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

*Disclaimer* I have not owned, or ridden, any of the wheels noted so my opinion should be vetted with that in mind

Go with the 303s......sell the Lightweights and ride the 303s all year around as they are much aero-er (is that a word?) than the Lightweights.

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by wpccrunner

Go with the 3.4's. Better (more reliable, time tested, serviceable, smoother) hubs, lighter rims, molded not drilled spoke holes, and lighter total wheel set weight.

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by carbon2329

I definitly agree with the Enve 3.4's.

(I have not, however ridden Zipp wheels)

Best of luck, with what sounds like a fun build.

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by Quinn039

the enves on some R45s would be a solid choice.

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by justkeepedaling

I like the Enve 3.4's as well. But the new Zipps have a totally different rear hub and lacing.

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by anquetil

On my S5 i have Zipp 303, without problems. You can see photo here on WW forum.

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by mrfish

Disagree, if you're going to take the aesthetic pain of an S5 for aero gains, then surely something a bit deeper than a 303 is needed? 404, 808 or Mavic's super wonder hoop?

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by bikericer

I had a pair of 303's this past year and they were great wheels. I rode them on my Venge without any issues except people saying they weren't deep enough for the bike. My only issue with current high end wheels being ridden daily is their alloy freehubs. I know it makes them lighter but if you are running anything except the SRAM Power Dome cassettes you will eat into the freehub very quickly due to the individual cogs. New Dura Ace is better about this but still not great.

That being said I would be drawn toward something with a steel freehub body. I believe the Chris Kings still run them but their hubs are difficult to service at home if you are not familiar with them. The Mavic CC40 is a nice wheel, has the steel body, but I am mixed on the aluminum layered with carbon braking surface. It's not a very well known wheel yet and the idea of different materials dissipating heat at different rates while being bonded to each other is unsettling.

I think the Enve rims are exceptional, they are molded with their spoke holes in them (not drilled after = stronger) and lacing them to something like a King R45's or (while not as pretty) Shimano hubs would yield an excellent wheelset you could ride for years.

Just my 2c

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by greenplay

Yes I went for zipp 404 top wheels

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by Monkeyboy3333

enve on king 45s is a dream wheelset for me

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greenplay wrote:Image: http://i854.photobucket.com/albums/ab10 ... 857c0c.jpg" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Greenplay that looks great, all-round braking performance in wet/dry?

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by greenplay

All I can say this bike is so fast yet stops on a six pence

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by bigben99

I think Lightweights wheels :beerchug: are the best for your S5

by Weenie

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