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by addictR1

I've been browsing the listing section and most of the bars listed are too old or not available anymore. I have a Kestrel EMS Pro on my addict, but need to find another one that's lighter if not the same in 44cm.

I checked with Farsport to see if they have light bars and its all over 220g or more. I love their wheel sets.. Just too bad they don't make all things lightweight.

Any suggestions? I want a bar that can also support clip on aero bars in the future.


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by prendrefeu

Thomson's new handlebars are coming well below 200g (165g?? I can't recall, but I remember it being very surprising)

Personally I prefer Williams Cycling's Elan CCS. Sub 200g, really really nice shape, good price.

Lots of good options out there now. For a long time it used to be AX Lightness or THM and that's it... now there are many to choose from.
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by addictR1

woohoo. thanks for the input.. that'll definitely help me with my search.

i came across this brand: Aerus C4, which for the 44cm should be around 200g. but never even heard of this brand before... so not sure if any good...

googled the elan CCS and looks great. but looks like only able to purchase it from Williams' site only? or do they resell to other sites?

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by em3

There are lots of light bars out there that will be much lighter them ur current set up, but u may want to be more specific on what type of bend u r seeking in order to get more precise advice (traditional, compact, anatomic, etc). I use an Easton EC90 SLX3 carbon which has a bend that is somewhere in the middle of a compact and traditional bend, and they weigh in at about 210 grams for a 46cm bar.

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by addictR1

em3: i'm ok with any type as long as it's carbon and lightweight. i don't mind the bends because i'm rarely on the drops and even when i am, any type of bend is ok with me.


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by DMF

There would still be the matter of reach and bar/hood transition. The differences in both can be quite large. Also the actual length of the drop may differ some 20mm, and on some bars you may hit the tops with your wrists when in the drops, meaning you could hardly use the drops even if you wanted...

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by fitty4

3ttt, newultimate, deda, the thompson bars are listed as 195 gr, mcfk, scmolke, ax lightness, lightweight. There is a shop who has pictures of the bars on a scale, I don't know if a can post the shop so I will pm you

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by jb

Mine Bontrager xxx bar came at 189grams for a 44cm.

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by lannes

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by bura

OP wants a lightweight HB but allowing use of clip on aero bars.
Guys are you sure that proposed bars are ok for that?
For example you can use clip on with 3T "Team" Carbon bars whereas NOT on their LTD bars. AFAIK there is a warning note on the 3T LTD versions.
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by addictR1

fitty4: thx looks forward to the pm for the shop.

jb: I'm also liking at that bar too. Doors it support clip on aerobars?

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by elviento

Be sure to search for reviews and not just focus on weight alone. Many of the super light bars are very flexy and IMHO not worth the sacrifice in handling/confidence at all.
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by tinozee

My fav carbon bars are the zipp SLC2 and the Ritchey WCS carbon curve.

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by UpFromOne

Another vote for Zipp SLC2 compact with the vibration technology. Big bang for the buck, and my 46cm well under 200g.

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