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by digiadaamore

Hello everyone, so im having a heck of a problem. My new felt frameset came with the felt branded kcnc expander plug that felt uses, the thing that makes the kcnc plug unique is the fact it does not have a bolt to tighten the plug inside the steerer it just relies on using the collar on top of the expander being turned to tighten the plug. Now no matter what i do i cannot get the plug to expand tight enough in the steerer for it to stay put. The collar is very thin and difficult to get any king of force on to tighten it. Ive tried using friction paste on the outside of the plug/inside the steerer but no matter what i do i can not get it tight enough in the steerer. Now i know that there is some way to do this, there are tons of felt bikes with this expander out there but i can not figure it out. Anyone that has the felt expander or is using the kcnc please help

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by rowdysluggins

I had the same problem using a KCNC on my Addict. I finally gave up and used a Token. It works great.
Like this:

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by Mackers

You use a thin (3 or 4 mm?) hex key to expand the plug while it's in the steerer tube.
(look at the bottom of the plug and all will be clear.)

Can't be certain, but I think you need to turn it counter clockwise.

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