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by Dakingrocco

Hi there everyone!

I'm planning to do some changes on my Dogma 65.1 think 2.
So would everybody who ones a Dogma, be so kind to post his pictures.
Just to give me some idea's.

here's mine a couple of weeks a go...
yeah i know Sram with Bora's, just sticked to Shimano and Sram, because everybody at home has Shimano...

Last weekend I've changed to di2 Ultegra, but I still need to change the crank.
Sorry for the crappy pic

Thanks for the ideas!
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by IamnotWiggins

*your Dogma. Show you are Dogma makes no sense.

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by Bely

The Harem
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by mattharrop

Mine here - another red/white Dogma with SRAM!


I'm looking to swap out the groupset once I've been through my stock of 10 speed cassettes. Debating DA9000 v SRAM Red 22.

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by Bikeflog

Here's my Dogma2 with SR EPS, Campy SRM's and LW Meilenstein's

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by thegunner

lol this is just like the 'show our your cervelo' thread.

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by mrfish

I think Bikeflog is the inaugural winner of our most expensive bike competition.

Do you think the ride is different to other bikes you've ridden?

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by Sparks

2013 Pinarello Dogma 65.1
2014 Cannodale SS Evo

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by haydos

Love the name Bikeflog mate.

haha! :thumbup:

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by rasmussloth

Sparks wrote:And mine: ... 3d864f.jpg" onclick=";return false;

Looking great!

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by nathanong87

Bikeflog wrote:Here's my Dogma2 with SR EPS, Campy SRM's and LW Meilenstein's

dang this looks sweet!!!

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