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Enda Marron
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by Enda Marron

The turbo arrived today (Cycle Ops Super Magneto Pro) - first impressions are quite good, it seems well built and is quite straightforward to use and adjust.
I have not used it in anger yet, I get to do that tomorrow when I do a "Gravy Train" Endurance Session [15X 3min medium/1min fast]; I will sweat lots and lose lots of "gravy"
I hope the terms "on" "off" "medium" "fast" "hard" "easy" etc will soon be quantified as I am giving a power meter serious thought

Turbo report soon

Enda Marron
Posts: 345
Joined: Sun Nov 10, 2002 6:03 pm
Location: Belfast

by Enda Marron

I gave the Cycle Ops its maiden voyage on Friday night with an interval session.
The session was: 30 minute structured warm-up followed by the work 3X [45 sec off/ 15 sec on X10 + 5 min recovery]so 1:15 total time. The turbo is excellent and I think I made the correct choice. I used the INTERVAL resistance for the session and my cadence + speed was what I expected ("on" speed: 48-50kph, "on" cadence - 100-104rpm)
The data was a little below my usual numbers but I put this down to a new machine and me needing to get into a new Training Programme.
The Turbo is EXCELLENT there are no gimmicks - just 4 simple settings and (Easy Spin - Mountains) bike set up is easy and it is of an excellent build quality
Performance-wise its also excellent quiet, smooth, Road-like and well designed
If you are in the market for a Turbo Trainer then Cycle Ops are well worth the money

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by syntaxerror

I have a budget for a trainer and set on the jetfluid pro or super magneto pro. Thanks for the info. Any other thoughts now that you have more use with it? Yours is the most current I have found. Most people compare fluid trainers to the entry level magnetic. They don't compare or reference the progressive cycleops super magneto pro. Why is the super magneto pro priced more than the jetfluid 2 pro?


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