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by djconnel

Fantastic! A full kg lighter than my bike. Those old Scott Addicts are simply amazing: nobody beats them.

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by CarpetFibre

Awesome build. Those Addicts always kicked ass - so damn light for their time.

As usual even though we're on a weight weenies board there are detractors... I feel a little jealousy in the air.

by Weenie

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by carlislegeorge was previously alluded to...some curious minds want to know...

How much has this one been (or will be) ridden?
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by tony.corke

Out of interest how long did it take to get it to that point?

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by 1spd

Ok, this might be a stupid question but since I don't have a carbon cassette or carbon chain rings I have to ask. Do you use lube on your chain? In the photos, it looks very dry/clean with no residue on the rings or chain. Could very well just be super clean for the photos but it just got me wondering.
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by totoboa

Peter that is a great build and bike. My 19 lb (8.16 kg) Bikesdirect bike is now in the forum. So, I have something to aspire to.

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by SWijland

Absolutely loving this bike!

Can I ask how the LEW wheels are holding up for you? I heard they had some issues with the bearings? I just became the proud owner of a set, so I am looking for tips and tricks to keep them running the best I can.

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by liam7020

This bike is so impressive!
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by TimmS

Long time since the last post by Peter.
I wonder, how did the bike hold up over the season?

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by SalsaLover

saddle is not level :P
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by HammerTime2

peter43z wrote:10. fork: ax lightness AX6000 (shaft cut to 205mm) 238 gr.
In AICAN superlight cable system, madcow wrote:Under absolutely no circumstances would I ever, EVER, recommend anyone actually ride an Ax fork.
TimmS wrote:Long time since the last post by Peter.
I wonder, how did the bike hold up over the season?

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by RichieE46

Wow holy crap that's a nice bike. Definitely weight weenie material! Great job

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by Arfer01

Hi, love this bike. how did you make the hoods?

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by terrible1

Fascinating work.

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by mdeth1313

How do those lew rims hold up?
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by Weenie

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