Winter Bib Tights: Chamois / No Chamois

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by xnavalav8r

I have thermal bibs both with and without chamois. The ones with a chamois are pretty good for 90% of my winter riding. But on those really brutal cold days I find that wearing the padless bib tights over padded shorts keeps my dangly bits much warmer.

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by xnavalav8r

kbbpll wrote:
eurperg wrote:One layer is madness when it's freezing. When it's -5 to -10 degrees celsius, I wear merino longjohns as a third layer. ;)

Whew, glad someone else does it. I thought I was unmanly. Merino longjohns, shorts with the chamois I like, bib tights no chamois with stirrups is my preferred gear below 5C. I just need to cure the frozen johnson problem. Does anyone make tights with windblock down there? All I need is a triangle below the jacket level. Let's face it, Mr. Bill is an extremity. Winter cycling gear takes care of all the other extremities except the important one.

A while back I remember seeing a product that was a fleece/windstopper material, cut in a triangle, that you could slip into the front of your bibs to keep with wind off the head of your peloton...

by Weenie

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by btompkins0112

Pearl Izumi makes some undershorts with wind blocker that works well.

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by xnavalav8r

There is always this...

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by kbbpll

I guess you mean this ... r_code=021" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;. $45 for a pair of underwear... hmm. Thanks, I'll look around a bit. Perhaps a hand warmer works (sorry, can't help but joke about it...). Cinch cord!!! :lol:

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by Guerdi

No chamois for me.

These pad-free tights fit me way better than the ones with pad. There always seems to be a problem with tights with pad. Either the pad doesn't sit well (too low) or there is too much fabric in the knees.

The solution would be to have custom made tights or, to some extent, made-to-measure tights, but would pay the premium for such a product? Not me, as my Craft ones do the job for relatively cheap money.

And yes, it's faster to wash and dry your shorts rather than your tights, especially those with thick roubaix fabric.

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by SalsaLover

I have nice Adidas Adistar bib tights, both with 3D pads, the wind front and the arctic, they are too good not to wear them.

What I did is to buy 3 sets of the Nalini basics, they were for sale at 3 for $50, they have a super thin pad not even deserving to be called "a pad", and are made of very thin Lycra

I wouldn't wear them alone, but they are great to use as under tights. They just provide a soft seat area, the Adistar tights provide the real cushioning.

I am happy with this combination. I wash the Nalinis after each use. And I have the 3 on rotation, as on wintertime the drying time is longer, the 3 cover my needs with No problems.
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by bozman

btompkins0112 wrote:Pearl Izumi makes some undershorts with wind blocker that works well.

they also make a couple of bib tights w/o the chamois. I have had a pair for a few years now and I like them.

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by s4life

I do have a couple of ASSOS air protecs bib tights that come with chamois. I also have a couple of ASSOS bib shorts and a chamois-less airblock winter bib tight. I combine these three sets throughout the winter, but outside of summer season, I find myself riding in the air protecs by themselves a lot more often than any other combo... it's just simpler.

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by LionelB

I am in the camp that strongly prefers the bib tights with chamois. A lot more comfortable than 2 layers. The Assos ones are great.

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by gitsome

I just bought a pair of Capo Parone knicker bibs, was sort of hoping for cold weather to use them! But Im really glad its still warm in NYC actually...I hve always used running tights over my regular bibs (Capo Drago -- best shorts ever so far) and wanted to try something more integrated this year but had not considered the added complications of washing. Since I wash this stuff by hand maybe I can just wash the pad instead of the whole pant? I also wear gore-tex shell shorts over my shorts when its under 60 degs so core stays warmer but legs can still breathe.
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by Rick

Well, I found a pair of Castelli Leggerezza 2 Bib Tights with No Chamois at a ridiculously low closeout price here, so I grabbed a pair. Thanks for all the opinions. ... no-chamois

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by CBJ

giant man wrote:I'm glad you can get bib tights with chamois in now, because when i started cycling (a long time ago) you could only get ones without, and I never understood that.

Why would you want to wear bib shorts underneath your bib tights? Very odd imo. Two layers instead of one, madness!

Layers are good if its cold. I know it could end up a little bit more bulky but I rather stay warm. I ride with my bibs as the first layer under my tights and my warmer knickers when its really cold.

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by tinozee

I live on Cape Cod in New England and it gets pretty cold and nasty here. I have one heavy duty castelli tights (for sub 30f) and one medium (for 30-50f) both have a chamois. I never need more than that unless it's in the teens, then I might throw in the merino long johns. On the trunk I layer up and the most prized witer item is the Ibex woolies merino base layer. I wear one or two of those, a long sleeve jersey and a Gore jacket. The neoprene booties and winter gloves seem to be the most crucial for me, while the trunk and legs always seem to stay warm. I like to use Gore all weather jacket, gloves, hat and booties.

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by Weenie

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by Bigger Gear

I have a pretty solid arsenal of bib tights, but here are my thoughts:

For really cold and primarily dry weather using a bib tight w/o chamois is great, the extra layer of the bib short is usually not a problem. I have a pair of Assos Winter LL without chamois, and a pair of Gore Oxygen SO w/o chamois. Both are windblocking, and of course the cut of the Assos is sublime. These tights are really only good once the temp goes to 5 Celsius or below, above that they are pretty warm.

My climate is often more wet than freezing cold, and in this case I prefer bib tights with chamois. I have the Assos LL 607 (now called LL Habu) and they are fabulous for temps from 6-12 Celsius. I could wear bib shorts and leg warmers for part of that range, but with the bib tights there are no leg warmers irritating my skin at the top where the silicone band is located. The LL 607 fit like a second skin, and are easily one of the best pieces of winter kit I have ever owned.

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