Carbon Crumpton SL Road or Ti Firefly?

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by kojtl1000

I really thought I had it, but I'm starting to doubt again...
I currently own a carbon Storck Scenario CD 1.0 and I am really happy with this bike (stiff and responsive). But it's a few years old now and I really want something new :D .
Since we recently moved from Europe to the US, I want something US made. I started looking at carbon frames and stumbled upon Crumpton. I really like the look of the SL Road frame. I was kind of set on deciding to go with a new carbon frame, but then I saw the Firefly Ti frame and started researching that. I also like this frame and material and now I am kind of lost...
If I would go with the Crumpton, I would choose a carbon Enve stem and seat post. If I would go with the Firefly, I would probably go with the Firefly Ti stem and seat post.

The rest of the build I had in mind is the same for the two bikes:
- Shimano Dura Ace DI2 9070
- Enve SES 3.4 carbon clincher wheels (Chris King Ceramic bearings)
- Enve Handlebars
- Fizik Arione R1 Black Saddle
- Possibly Garmin Vector pedals

I could really use your input on either of these bikes. I know they probably are totally different and both have their positives and negatives (I read a lot about both frames, builders and materials), but any additional arguments or votes you guys might have for either frame/builder, might help making up my mind and making that final decision.

Thanks a lot.

by Weenie

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by 53x12

I would personally go with Crumpton as I have been lusting after one for quite some time now. But they are really both great options. Guess it just depends if you want Ti or carbon. Also what kind of a deal you can get on either frame and if that fits within your budget.
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by ergott

I've met and rode with Nick Crumpton and he not only make world class bikes he's a pleasure to talk to. He's doing some cutting edge work as well.

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by kojtl1000

budget wise, it looks like the Crumpton is about $1000 more than the Firefly. But that is not really the issue here in making the final decision. This would be my dream bike that would have to last for years!

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by boysa

After 3.5 years, a day still doesn't go by where I don't say, "This frame is absolutely unbelievable."

My vote for Crumpton. The fact that he is such a super guy to work with is only the icing on the cake.
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by coppercook62

I love my SL

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by kojtl1000

Darn it guys, you don't make it easy for me :wink:

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by tinozee

Seems like they all say Crumpton. But Firefly are serious Ti and steel frame experts. I know Tyler has been at it for a long, long time and make beautiful frames. I'll take both pls.

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by laxer29

Where can you find a Crumpton, I still had yet to come across one in NYC.

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by shimmeD

Firefly reviewed in RIDE - absolutely delicious!
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by Stuartclark1977

After 2 years, a day still doesn't go by where I don't say, "This frame is absolutely unbelievable."

My vote for Firefly. The fact that they are such a super guys to work with is only the icing on the cake.

So basically you'll get that response from anyone who owns a Firefly or a Crumpton I guess. I love my FF50 and the wife will be getting one with all the bells and whistles in a year or so.

I suspect the Crumpton would build up lighter but mine is now at 6.4kg.
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by 11.4

I rode a Firefly at some length recently while deciding on a new frame. And I own one Crumpton and have another on order. The Firefly is a great bike and beautifully made, but when it comes to the sophistication of geometry and design, and the ultimate ability to create that best-of-a-lifetime ride for you, I'd bet on Nick. I did and he's making another frame for me. I tried Crisp, Firefly, a couple steel builders, and most of the custom carbon builders, plus I've owned Colnagos, Eisentrauts, Serottas, Meltons, Rickerts, Masis, Confentes, BMCs, Cervelos, Spectrums, Tiemeyers, Looks, Sachs, Kirks, and plenty of others I can't begin to remember. If I were getting steel, I'd of course be forced to choose differently, but in carbon or ti, it reduced down to Nick. And he's never disappointed me.

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by eflayer

Have not ridden bikes from either Ffly of Crumpton. Carbon will usually come in a pound or more lighter. But the quiet springiness of titanium is hard to beat. I can't afford those builders so I own a 2009 Specialized Roubaix Pro...that I have adored for a few years and thought nothing could be better. Since then I have ordered a custom ti frame from a Chinese manufacturing company. The ti build is about 1pound heavier than the Roubaix, but I have hardly ridden the carbon ride since building up my ti build. Think if anyone can build something nearly as light as carbon and with equal or better ride qualities, I'd give my biz to Tyler and Firefly. He was kind enough to do his decals on my fork. ... 8805375345" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

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by Fixie82

Here are a couple of links to Cycling Tips Bikes of the Bunch. Once is a Crumpton one is a Fire Fly. These write ups give you the background information regarding the buyers decision making process which is always insightful as well as an idea of how it rides.

At this level its more about loving the aesthetic and the narrative behind the builder, buying the one that makes you feel the love more. Both bikes will be amazing, will handle great (depending on your design brief and geometry) etc etc. So go with your heart really, its going to be a great journey either way! ... ton-corsa/ ... h-firefly/

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by LionelB

The real answer here is to get both. But if you want only one go for the Crumpton, you will not be disappointed.


by Weenie

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