Cracked AX Lightness Stem

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by konky

As I said earlier on in this thread I had a problem with an Ax stem earlier this year but what I'd like to add is AX went beyond the call of duty to resolve the problem. Way beyond. I actually only contacted Ax to ask if they thought the stem was safe to continue to use. I did not ask for or expect a replacement as it was past its guarantee period. I was sent a brand new one free of charge without question. I was massively impressed. Belated thanks to you Axel for that.

I have had quite a bit of contact with AX over the years and I have always found them to be extremely decent. I have found other similar small scale German manufacturers like THM and Schmolke to be the same. If you are polite and honest there are no better people to have dealings with. THM repaired my Scapular F fork free of charge very recently. They certainly didn't have to. I was expecting a bill for over £300 + shipping cost from Germany to England.

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by audiophilitis

Same positive experience with AX. I didn't even attempt to file a claim as I knew the stem was already a few years old and past the warranty period. The purpose of my post was to solicit recommendations for an alternative lightweight stem since obtaining AX products here in the US requires a long waiting period.

To my surprise, Axel responded to the thread and requested photos of the stem. Within a day, I received an email from him, requesting for my shipping address as he was sending me a replacement. Impressive -- what a stand up guy. I hope AX can find a US distributor for their products.

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by tyro13

But indeed that was a big fault not contact ax. But i was so angry that i payed over 1000€ and for a combo that was impossible to ride with it that i put the Zeus stem on ebay....
But i can confirm that german high end Carbon company's have a Very good customerservice .

2 weeks ago i send my lightweight clincher wheels to carbonsports for removing the white decals for the new black meilenstein and a service up for the wheels.
On the phone they told me i recive a estimate by email. (In the range of 100-150€)

Begin this week a recive the estimate....only shippingcost of 24€ and BRAND NEW meilenstein clinchers (my wheels are 1y and 10m) because they found wheels are unrepairable !!!!! Waaauuuw what the hell was that, after almost 2y recive new wheels without a cost!

I ordered a new Bmc 2014 Bmc slr01 teammachine and i need new roadbar and stem. Maybe when Axel read this thread....he can do something special for a ax4200 roadbar and the rigid i rewind my confidence in ax lightness. In the other case i buy the lightweight roadbar and a extralite stem.
I would say also that i am very satisfied of my ax endurance saddle and my ax 4000 roadbar and daedalus seatpost.

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by AXAxel

Hello tyro13,

i would like you to get confidence in our latest products. Please send me a email, i have a idea...

this is my adress:

Greetings, Axel

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by tyro13

Hi Axel,

I just send you a message via email.

Kind regards

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by vlastrada

Any feedback/honest reviews from riding the AX "Rigid" stem, especially with regards to slippage /cracks, reliability in racing/hard riding conditions and bad roads /potholes (I don't live in Switzerland, unfortunately!)??

Always had mixed experiences with AX myself, hence asking. Cheers! ;-)

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