SRAM Red 10 speed or 11 speed upgrade?

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by Scoops

Hi all

looking to upgrade my groupset on my Wilier Cento Uno Currently have 'old style' (original) Red and fancy the change to new style (2013/4) Red.

I'm not interested in hydraulics really and so regular rims brakes are good and light for my purposes. Is it worth the extra hike up to 11 speed? BTW, as part of this upgrade I'm changing out to Power Cordz for durability and weight saving. And I have checked, and my Reynolds wheels can have a change of free hub to accommodate this upgrade (approx £60).

What are your thoughts?

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by topflightpro

Do you only have the one wheelset?
Do you have any extra 10-speed cassettes or chains lying around?

Those are the things I would consider if I were to make the same decision. For me, I have a couple of brand new 10-speed Sram Red cassettes that I picked up really cheap and a couple of chains as well. Plus, I have several wheelsets that would have to be converted to the 11-speed system.

But, if you don't have that and only have the one wheelset, you might as well go 11-speed. It is the way of the future. (Until 12-speed comes out.)

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by 53x12

Imo 11 speed isn't worth it if you already have a few bikes/wheels built up with 10 speed. Unless you just have money to blow to convert everything to 11, the money lost doesn't make up for 1 extra gear. I personally would just get the new 10 speed Red. 11 speed doesn't impress me personally.
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