what would you call "light" when referring to lefty hub

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by 02GF74

just seen a pair of cricus monkey hubs on the bay.

front: 135 g (inc bolts)
rear: 225 g

I would call a set of 26 in lefty wheels light at 1450 g or less but I have no idea when it comes to individual parts.

Notice the cut out around the bolt holes, hmm...... :?

the hubs in question:
http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/New-Circus-Mo ... 7163wt_946

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by DrGalactus

As it happens I have most of the lefty hubs in a spreadsheet :D
These are in comparison to the stock Cannondale hub at 115g/£35, there are some more exotic hubs but they were stupid money so didn't make it into the list.

http://www.alchemistbikes.com/en/catalo ... y-hub.html
Is definitely the best looking though!

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by robgall13

Stick to the stock Cannondale hub, 115g without nut and bolt I think. Upside is that it only costs £40. I think it's made by Formula?

As I say, probably keep the stock hub and find a nice rear hub that fits your needs, either light, durable or light and durable (and expensive!).

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by jooo

The stock hub is great. P321 is nice, but only makes sense to me if you're getting a Lefty package deal or after some bling.

The only thing that seems worthwhile to me VS a LeftySL is Tune/Extralite.

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by Rappid

tune cannonball sl 87g, cannonball 97g.
tune kong 305g.

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by 02GF74

hmmm, so 120 g ( without rotor bolts) is quite heavy in comparison to the above.

Was mostly curious - I have DT swiss XCR 1.4 wheels that I have no plans to replace ..... yet .

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by DanW

Clee Cycles were really helpful in hand picking a light (117g with bolt) Cannondale Si hub for my build and around £40. There seems to be lots of variation in the SI hub weight so hand picking was the way to go. Same weight as the P321 but much cheaper! I also couldn't justify anywhere upwards of £100 more to go for Tune when at the end of the day it is a hub shell and 2 bearings and I don't quite trust some of the superlight options like Extralite...

All in all a build with Sapim CX-Rays, Stans Podium, Cannondale Si hub was around the cost of a Tune or Extralite hub alone and 560g
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by Vegard

The lefty hub is just a container for two bearings, get the cheapest one imho. The only thing that can make a difference is the spoke flanges on the hub. Wider flange means stiffer hub if my logic isn't betraying me.

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by cerro

Rappid wrote:tune cannonball sl 87g, cannonball 97g.
tune kong 305g.

Kong is more 205g

Cannondales Lefty Hub or Tune or Extralite I say too, others are just expensive or heavy.
/jonas l
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