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by ultyguy

No, for sure, no beef at all. I think Purito rides with his heart on his sleeve more than just about anyone these days and I do believe that he's clean these days. The guy gives it harder than anyone else throughout the year, props to him.

I just found it odd that Vaughters used him as a marker of performance knowing that he probably (hopefully) has a different history than TJ-S or another young rider would have.

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by djm

Rijs? Rihs or Riis? :-)

by Weenie

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Mario Jr.
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by Mario Jr.

Riis. (Where does that Rijs come from?!!!)

They are selling their bikes and stuff. Rumors are that Specialized are out and that these babies are boing to replace them: http://www.kemobikes.com (no joke...)

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by kbbpll

ultyguy wrote:Surprised to see Tommy V's lead disintegrate so quickly today, he had almost 3 min at top Ghisallo. Rumour of a crash in a tunnel, anyone else heard that?

http://www.cyclingnews.com/races/il-lom ... ive-report
16:41:09 CEST
The gap is now under one minute. We don't really know why it has dropped so quickly.
16:41:54 CEST
Voeckler is bleeding from a scrape wound on his chin. He was fussing a few minutes ago about something. Perhaps he crashed in that tunnel, which we now hear was over 2km long?

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by 53x12

Mario Jr. wrote:They are selling their bikes and stuff. Rumors are that Specialized are out and that these babies are boing to replace them: http://www.kemobikes.com" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false; (no joke...)

Interesting, I have never heard of Kemo bikes before. Learn something new each day.
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by trychle

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by campbellrae

I thought Contador had a deal with Spesh though? Cyclingnews mentioned it in the article they ran about him taking a pay cut.

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by Rob81

it's a new brand, sorta "spin off" from Kuota

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by prendrefeu

For the older members of this forum:

Has this sport, on its top-tier level, ever faced a trend of lack of sponsorship or support before? It seems as if with each successive year we have fewer sponsors willing to continue contracts, fewer new sponsors, and so on. I'd like to know if you can think of any similar cycle that may have occurred in the past.

I believe this trend has only a little to do with doping-related negative press about the sport, but the majority of reasoning for a (potential) sponsor's willingness to fund a team having more to do with a return on investment, but that's perhaps for another topic entirely and not necessarily for this forum outright.
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by maquisard

Brian Cookson needs to implement TV revenue sharing for World Tour and Pro Conti teams as soon as possible. Before there is no sport left to televise!

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by pastronef

today Contador was in Monza, for a ride organized by Kemo bikes. he and Bjarne were riding Specialized, while the team Saxo crew, and some Saxo Bank (the bank) workers were riding Kemo bikes

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by petepeterson

That's a good start. But I would worry about a chicken and egg situation with discouraging coverage and thus sponsor exposure for sponsors smaller races. I think cycling needs to brand itself a lot better and take the idea of a 'world tour' or whatever they want to call a set of top end globally televised events to another level. Really interested to see how the business end of things works out for cookson given that the UCI doesn't have support froma government hungry for olympic medals like he had with GB.

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by petepeterson

decided to try making a gif. Here's my first attempt:


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by SalsaLover

This year cycling got also a lot less airtime than previous years, on Eurosport, RAI sport and even on France 2 and the Swiss TV
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by btompkins0112

I would say that TV coverage in the states has increased with NBC Sports covering many of the major, and minor, races.

by Weenie

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