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by Willier

WC bike, but no kit yet

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by pastronef

Movistar on Canyons in 2014? still not official

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by LeePaton

Pinarello can sell WC bikes to the rich, stupid masses.

RE Kit looks bad weather quite possibly only got skinsuits, racewear sorted.

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by euan

I wouldn't be surprised if Pinarello can't afford to sponsor a team other than Sky.
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by ultyguy


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by KWalker

Anyone find it weird that if Horner was clean no one wants to sign him? He must now come with a haul of WT points and will at least be a decent domestique next year.

Reminds me of how no one in Europe will touch Mancebo even though he's now "clean"
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by TwiggyTN

Regarding Horner, I think some of it has to do with his contract terms regarding travel, time in the U.S., and race program. He's looking for a "Clemens or Farve" deal to do what he wants and just show up and race the races he wants to do. After the Vuelta win I'm sure even more so. I bet most teams figure there's no way he has a better year in 2014 than he just had and Chris is negotiating like he will.

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by spud

I'm guessing that teams are reluctant to pay a "grand tour winning" salary to a guy with an uncertain runway.

He's 42. He crashes and breaks bones. While I don't know what his salary demands are, if it's $1.5 million, I can see how teams would balk. Teams have already committed their budgets this late in the year, and they have also probably reconciled budget vs UCi points. He may just be pricing himself out of the market.

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by dj97223


Who said no one wants to sign him, and why do you assume/imply it is suspicion of doping? Trek said a few weeks ago they were negotiating but they couldn't agree on contract terms.

With the collapse of Euskatel and others, it may simply be a combination of supply, demand and perceived value (given his age). In major league sports, you often find top stars at the tail end of their careers that get released or not signed because they want more money or a longer contract than a team is willing to pay. If Horner is insisting on a long term contract, I can see why teams may balk.
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by micky

I agree with others that for a guy like Horner it's just the wrong year.
Probably asking too much? Probably already over his best? Too many request for contract? Too many riders available on the market and not many big sponsors involved?
I guess it's a bit of all the factors togheter.

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by jmilliron

KWalker wrote:He must now come with a haul of WT points and will at least be a decent domestique next year.

Does anyone need WT points? Don't we have a shortage of WT teams? Bad timing for Horner.
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by ave

It will be Trek or nothing. I just can't think of any other WT team taking him on.

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by HillRPete

euan wrote:I wouldn't be surprised if Pinarello can't afford to sponsor a team other than Sky.

Maybe they just don't need to, because the Sky affiliation generates enough exposure.

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by ultyguy

Funny thing is, if Horner would've pulled this off one year earlier when everyone was fighting like mad for WT spot, he could've named his price. However, this year, they can't even give WT licenses away!

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Willier wrote:WC bike, but no kit yet


I understand that in some part they wanted to get a bike under him, but he is leaving Movistar who is also not going to be on Pinarello, so why even take the time to paint one up?

The kit can be seen more anyway. Merida or whomever is sponsoring Lampre next season should be designing one right now.

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