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by elSid

"[Michael Jackson] was also the first African American pop star to transcend genres and boundaries."

I think there were a few before him.

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by JamieL

I've got a Giant Propel being built up at the moment. Anyone know if it is possible to buy a number holder such as the one Marianne Vos used on her Envie? Not going to be able to hang it off the back brake anymore...


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by djm

Jackson transcended genders not "genres" :-) Anyway, what the heck does he do in the "Pro" cycling discussion??

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by prendrefeu


Have you tried zip-tieing the number straight to the rails?

If not maybe something along the lines of the Topeak F22 "Wedge Pack Fixer" modified: get this thing, open it up, and rig together a small piece of metal to wrap around one of the bars on the clamp, make sure the metal is rigid enough to hold the number straight, zip-tie the number to the metal. Just a quick idea.


It may be something like this:
http://www.hypercat.com/catalog/item/79 ... 493761.htm
and it's simply zip-tied really high up along the seatpost mast, just under the rails.
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by JamieL

Awesome thanks - Cable ties work fine but just lack that "pro" look 8)

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by petal666

BBB seatpost mounts work really well.


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by maquisard

lippythelion wrote:because if Lance Armstrong bought the farm I'd jump for joy

Do you honestly think that, if so then you are a deplorable human being. The guy doped in sport, he lied to people, but he didn't kill anyone. He has a family and kids and you would like to see him dead. Think before you speak next time.

As for Pantani, it is worth reading Matt Rendell's excellent book. Unfortunately the research he did suggests Pantani did dope from the amateur days onwards. Mainly due to the shady soigneurs who were there to look after him on the teams he rode for. Doping was simply so ingrained in the culture it was almost impossible to avoid.

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by dereksmalls

petal666 wrote:BBB seatpost mounts work really well.

http://bbbcycling.com/bike-parts/clamps/BSP-96" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Never seen that before, pretty cool

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by HillRPete

tymon_tm wrote:... dedicate their national tour to a convicted doper

Just a minor detail really, but while he was expelled for "health reasons" (high haematocrit), and (probably rightly) accused right and left, I don't think he was ever convicted for doping in the traditional sense.

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by tymon_tm

^my mistake, i wasn't around cycling in mid 90's..

re: Pantani's junior years. i don't know about him, but back when i was ~20 y.o. i used to hang out with club riders, some of whome were racing at the national junior level, and they did dope. they spoke openly about it, laughing at those who couldn't keep up with them during the races. none of them made the cut to the pro peloton however. probably they were to weak...

so as i understand it, athletes are being introduced to doping as kids. maybe as teenagers at best - depending od the discipline. that's why IMO they're all victims here, and the coaches, trainers and doctors are those who should be prosecuted and put behind bars (literally)
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by ultyguy

Yates bros go down under (OGE)

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/yates-b ... -greenedge" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Adam Yates: "If I went to Sky then I'd end up working on the front like a slave"

Wow, way to endear yourself to your future domestiques eh?

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by gravity

JamieL wrote:Image

Is that a non-ISP Giant Propel? I thought they only make ISP for Propel?

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by ultyguy

It's the ladies model Envie which is non-ISP and supposedly lower grade carbon. However, I reckon Giant probably made one for her out of the same carbon they use for the Propel/Advanced SL.

edit- bikeradar.com took a closer look...
http://www.bikeradar.com/road/gear/arti ... ced-38582/

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by petepeterson

I don't know about Pantani, but things were certainly happening in the Junior ranks in europe back then. When I raced the Tour de Abitibi in the late 90's there were plenty of good stories in the bunch about the Italian team.

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by Rob81

yes and Sandro Donati has an interesting opinion, in his last book*, about the relationship between Pantani and Conconi. Long story short: an athlete modelled on blood doping. Difficult to argue with one of the most prominent anti doping "insider" in modern sport.

*and also here, 1st Q&A: http://contropiede.net/2013/02/15/esclu ... -di-stato/

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