Bura SL w/ SiSL2 w/power vs. Campy Super Record w/ power tap

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by cpparkcity

Ok, I am building up a 2013 Neilpryde BuraSL and looking for some advice on my crank choices as well as wheel choices. Of course already over my budget so need to find the best bang for my buck! I am a di-hard Campy Guy and was originally going with Dura Ace 9000 because of cost difference, but Backcountry.com made an error and put a Full 80th edition Super Record group at 45% off so I grabbed it.

Let me know if anyone is in the market for NIB Dura Ace 9000 levers, rear derailleur chain and 11-15 cassette

I love the look and weight of the SiSL2 and have loved the Cannondale hollowgram I have on my MTB. The fact I could get the last Stages power crank they made in SiSL2 (the coating is apparently tough to work with so stages is not making these anymore). But 500g complete including power is pretty attractive. What I don't know is if the 11sp rings that were made for Dura Ace will shift well with the SR set up... I have read removes saying it works great and others saying it is awefull and the chain sticks causing gears to drop. Another option is to purchase the 135bd rings and put campy rings on (but then I loose the bad ass look of the SiSL2 and add considerable weight and loose stiffness.

Next option is to use the SR ti crank and look for power from a powertap cassette.... but then the cost of my wheelset jumps a grand, although I likely would have no issues selling the brand new SiSL2 stages crank for $1,500

On wheels, I road a buddies firecrest 404 and was amazed at what a difference the wider rim/25mm tires made. Better comfort, and much stiffer and responsive in corners and sprinting. Again it comes down to $ and I have learned to buy new (i.e. I break stuff) and prefer Competiive cyclist because of their lifetime warranty policy on all items. I hear the HED's are nice, they alos have a discount on a powertap set up with Enve 45 or 65.

Curious to hear the Pro's thoughts and what they would do. Can't wait to get her built up as she should end up in the 12-13lb complete!

by Weenie

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