Focus Cayo winter bike

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by brearley


Currently building up my winter bike, will finish it off when I can get the stuck gear cable out of my shifter.
Will be running Athena 11 speed shifters, this has been done on a tight budget, altogether the bike should cost under £400 so I will see how the 10 speed rear mech works with 11 speed everything else.
This should double as a spare road bike for early season races.
I've got a record headset spacer to go in which should drop the front around 5-10mm then I will cut the steerer fully.
Has race wheels in picture but for training I'll be running fulcrum racing ones.
Need to get some acetone on the deda stem to make it blacked out.
Trying out some 38cm bars, I currently ride 40s but they still seem a bit wide.
If the mech doesn't work I'll need to buy a chorus or athena mech but everything else has come out of spares.
Picture came out a bit blurry.
Build list below:
speedplay pedals 220g
focus cayo frame 1100g
fsa k force light seatpost 220g
easton ec90sl fork 320g
Fulcrum racing one wheels 1450g
Schwalbe Lugano + continental race 28 tubes 750g
campagnolo centaur brakes 335g
planet x quick release 45g
brake and gear cables 200g
deda zero 100 stem 133g
controltech bars 38cm 240g
sella san marco concor light 220g
record square taper cranks 857g
athena 11 shifters 350g
mirage rear mech 230g
dura ace front mech 75g
Chorus cassette 280g
handlebar tape 45g
seatpost clamp 15g
bottle cages 80g
headset 70g
fork bung 40g

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by theosaurus

Surely you can't get that under 400 quid, or does that not include the stuff you already have?
Looks pretty sweet especially for a winter build
yes, but how much does it weigh?

by Weenie

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by brearley

frame and seatpost were £150
shifters £90
brakes £35
chain £25
Tyres £20
Chainset £40
just ordered a rear mech for £60
now just over £400
everything else was spare from previous bikes or builds.
everything I buy is either heavily discuounted or 2nd hand.
the hed stingers pictured were bought for £400 with tubs, sold the tubs for £50 and sold my old race wheels for £650 so overall made a profit.
I've not got the biggest budget in the world and at 22 just coming out of university I'm saving for a house but this year I've bought another race bike, paid for 3 holidays and a lot of kit so budgets are tight from now on.

Also note I forgot the chain in the build spec. should be 7.5kg including KMC X11L chain

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by jbaillie

Would make a totally sufficient race bike in most cases. Very nice.

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by Sjoerd

I can never get enough of those Record cranks, plain beautiful. Enjoy the build!

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by brearley

95% finished, headset is slightly loose at the moment as I did not have enough spacers to put enough compression on the headset. I will slam it anyway when I get around to it.
bar tape needs putting on however as you may have seen I'm having problems with my shifter so not taping until this is sorted.
Also have an Athena mech to go on.
all in all not bad for a budget build.
Also have some proper record crank bolts somewhere that I've mislaid.
Agree on the record chainset, as it's a winter build it make sense over ultra torque and everything else out there and is a beauty.

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by Rumsas

I like it

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by currieinahurry

exacty the sort of bike i need right now.. grrrr

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by Krull

this is a summer bike, perfect for racing. Looks better than many of the much, much more expensive other "summer"-bikes on this board, very nice.
sorry vor mai bed englisch!

by Weenie

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