Gaulzetti Cicli visual identity redesign

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by weenie #2533

Hi guys !!
Its been a while since I posted anything on WW . But I come here , scroll trough interesting stuff every other day or two . :)
Since I'm not racing anymore , and due to the job I'm doing , I barely have time for "serious" ride outside ... so there isnt much to talk about or post bike related stuff....:/
But this project is something interesting for all of us here , and I would love to hear your opinion on this :)
Craig liked it a lot , and In next few months we are going to work together to make this concept real .
So enough talk, I'll just put the images below 8)

( warning! Long File, prepare to scroll a lot )
or you can see it here: ... i/11040993" onclick=";return false;" onclick=";return false;

Also, this is not my attempt to advertise Gaulzetti or myself , just something that I think its worth sharing here .


by Weenie

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by eurperg

So you did this concept on your own and then offered it to him?

I think it's a well laid out visual presentation, except I don't think the intro image style matches with the rest.

Is it fresh and original as a bicycle brand identity? Ummmm.. Yes somewhat, I think so. Definitely an enhancement.
Is it fresh and original as graphic design per se? I don't think so, but the presentation is still well excecuted.

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by weenie #2533


Thanks !

Correct , thats how it started . :)

Yeah intro image doesn't match with the rest of the presentation , its just there to draw attention to the project (its presented on behance).

Style and identity, fresh or not .
"these are race bikes, not art pieces" - this was one of the guidelines I followed .
So main purpose of design was to show and pass this "feeling an philosophy" to the end user . Thats why I chose to go with "swiss" and industrial approach to this project . I think it fits perfectly .
It cant be described as something new, fresh or revolutionary , but I dont look at design that way anymore. It either sends the message or not . That it what really matters at the end :)

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by ultyguy

Your Chunder explanation is just a reprint of the Cazzo above it. Looks are great, but content still should matter ;-)

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by prendrefeu

Overall I like what you've done! Nice work there.

I agree with Eurperg that it isn't fresh and original graphic design, but in terms of the industry you're applying it to that isn't necessary. At this point getting a small company like Gaulzetti up to the current course is a pretty good achievement on its own. If the budget and effort is higher, take it to the edge. Then again, having seen the branding and efforts from InterBike and EuroBike, this industry is slow to evolve and they gradually shift the audience (in this case 'recreational cyclists' who are more prone to an inertia of maintaining tradition rather than pushing new frontiers). So in that sense, I wouldn't worry about it too much.

Personally I wanted to see more of what you were doing with the first image. Just a personal aesthetic, but I want to see more livelihood and color out there in the industry, bolder moves which your first image does. Following that the trend is clean and contemporary, again which is great, but it falls into the cliché motifs we see from a lot of up coming brands (Chrome, Mission Workshop, DZR, Rapha) with tamed hues and heavy emphasis on iconography. This is just a personal aesthetic, obviously, and I want to emphasize that I think your work is very well done and with a bit of refinement it can help Gaulzetti's business aims.

Later, when the budget and market share is higher, start pushing against the walls a bit more. :thumbup:
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by basilic

The graphics are nice. I'm not sure this is your job, but the text needs some actual content. Saying that this company is different, the bikes have nothing to do with the industry - you (or Gaulzetti) need to back it up. I see race bikes with 73 angles and a more or less level top tubes. So what's new?

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by weenie #2533

:doh: yeah , uploaded older version of file ... will be corrected .

In terms of visual/graphic development there is a lot of space to improve, upgrade/add elements. I will keep updates here also. Presentation shown here is starting point.

Texts are taken from current Gaulzetti webpage , so I think Craig can answer this question better than me :) .

Thanks everybody for your feedback on this, really appreciate this !!

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by roselend

As a conceptual designer who gave up his day job to work in the bike industry, I say well done!!!

All the small graphic and typographic details really make or break a design like this, keep on puzzling, you'll get there.

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by kbbpll

Does Gaulzetti realize that "chunder" is Aussie slang for vomit?

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by micky

And "cazzo" means "dick" in italiano.

Yeah I think they know it.

by Weenie

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by Rick


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