Zipp Carbon seatpost or aluminum

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by hzucker

I want to upgrade my seatpost to match my cockpit. I want to know if there is a big difference in comfort in the aluminum vs. carbon Service Course SL posts. I read on places thta the aluminum is comfortable, but i am just wanting more input.

so...carbon vs alu seatpost. I ride a CAAD10 with full DA9000 and 23-25 wheels. I am a larger rider, 200 lbs.

Thank you for your help


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by Ceebers1


by Weenie

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by Devon

This is Weight Weenies, what response do you expect? If money isn't a factor then there is no reason not to get Carbon. 8)
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by tinozee

On a caad you are probably not going to have a ton of seatpost out of the frame so in that case carbon is fine. I use a ritchey carbon post on a tarmac and show a lot of post and it's great. I weigh around 180 (6'4" tall). I bet that would smooth your ride a bit as well.

Not sure about the zipp but there is quite a range of stiffness in carbon posts. There was a carbon post roundup in Velo mag a while ago that had some good info.

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by are

I'm sure Zipp seatposts are way higher quality, but I had two Deda carbon seatposts crack. It's possible the seatpost clamp was torqued wrong on the first one, but not the second. I switched to an aluminum syntace post and couldn't be happier. This is on a CAAD 9. I weigh much less than you, fwiw.

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by stormp

I use to have a thomson seatpost on my caad10, but the comfort wasnt that good. So i turned to the zipp carbon cockpit and the difference is big. All the big bumps doesnt feel quite as harsh and on longer trips you will have the same issues "from behind".

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by jockalldrick

The weight saving is tiny when you go over to carbon
Most of the pro bikes in the peleton us the alloy seatpost mind

by Weenie

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by stormp

But they all ride carbon frames as well, in an aluminium frame the difference is noticeably

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