Max heart rate and threshold heart rate

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by ajpm77

I've been riding for about 18 months and my threshold heart rate has been 168 and max 184 (Im 35) for that period - I recently started doing very intensive training to push my threshold heart rate higher - for about the last 6 weeks.
This weekend my threshold heart rate went to 173 and my max heart rate went above the old max and went to the high 190's and even 200 for a little while. The heart rate sat in the 180's and I felt the strain but could hold it. Is this likely to be an error for the HRM or is it possible that max heart rate has just increased?

I had warmed up and when pushed it happened time after time over 3 hours. My heart rate is sitting about 20 BPM higher than average 6 hours later.
Has anyone experienced this?

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by budgetweenie

Your initial estimate of your Max may not have been accurate.

by Weenie

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by sstefanov


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by ajpm77

My feeling is that if your threshold heart rate is low you may not find your max heart rate too easily as you are already stuffed before you get there

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by Ragamuffin

It's totally possible that your HR values could have increased due to your training. One way to verify would be to try another HRM to compare. My big concern is the 20BPM increase in your resting HR even 6 hours later. This may simply be an HRM issue, or something more physiological (i.e. poor recovery, overtraining, etc.).

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