Off Season Rituals

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Curious topic to just see how others kick off their off-season.

By off-season, I mean from mostly road racing and training. I know there are those who do cross and mountain bike.

I myself just like to take some time to do local rides, still spirited, but not so much pressure, have a beer, some chocolate or some other indulgence that I have forgone during the season.

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by ghisallo2003

Work like fury at my actual job !

It always seems that Sept-Dec are the key months.

by Weenie

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by MattSoutherden

Build up a little body fat to keep me warm during training in Jan/Feb when it snows. least, that's what I tell myself. ;)
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by oreoboreo

Open my dresser and say my good buys to my summer clothes and move them to another room. Reload that dresser with winter wool long sleeve shirts, hats, finger gloves etc. Really a sad day when it happens, however it will be 94* today here in Portland Oregon... time to ride with the coolest threads I have and think about heat

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by rijndael

Remove power and speed from the main display on my Garmin 800.

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by LouisN

I call mid-sept, and oct my contemplative months.

Where I work it also coincides with a heavy production of all kinds of pastries... 8)
So gaining a little weight is part of the ritual...
Followed by some guilt, and back to the plan in november...(indoors till march-april)... :(

Louis :)

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by eric

Spend time with my wife.
Eat crap that I don't eat during the season.
Try to catch up on chores I ignored all year.
Plan next years's season.

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by Calnago

HUMP DIESEL wrote:...
I myself just like to take some time to do local rides, still spirited, but not so much pressure, have a beer, some chocolate or some other indulgence that I have forgone during the season.


That's pretty much how I treat the whole year. Never any pressure. I ride for the sheer enjoyment of riding. I stop. I eat real food. Drink real coffee. And have no problems enjoying a beer, or two, enroute. And I still have a pretty decent sprint.
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by ultyguy

Calnago- lucky for you, sprinters are born, not made (fast twitch), the rest of us have to try and find another angle :-D

Split a bottle with the mrs.
Tap up my SAU's account (spousal approval units) that has been vastly depleted through the season.
Break out the Tommasini Tecno and take in my surroundings a bit more.
Play basketball.

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by djm

It's when I'll start my weight loss regimen! :-)

...and I will keep up my training. Usually I have a few slow and easy weeks in December before things kick off again with a training camp on Gran Canaria in Dec/Jan.

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by prendrefeu

Luckily it's possible to ride outdoors all year over here, but training wise my priorities shift.
-Join in on group rides, as they ramp up I'll eventually be at an equivalent ramp mode for my own training plans. So by the time they go "ultra fast" I'll be back onto "longer and faster" mode.
-Spend a lot of time with my friends who aren't up to my level normally. I will make extra efforts to go out on rides with friends with routes that they will consider long (and I'd normally consider short), slow down my speed a bit, help them achieve their goals or get closer to them.
-Tune up my friends' bikes, work on builds of my own.
-Take breaks during rides - cafe stops, 'destination' rides - anything to emphasize fun and relaxing
-Increase gym, cross-training and running work.
-Maybe sign up for a 50k trail race or two.
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by KWalker

mountain bike more

do lots of random junk mile rides that make no sense

eat a lot less carbs. I oddly prefer a high protein, high fat diet, but that doesn't fuel racing. Its helped me actually lose weight this off-season thus far

a lot more hiking, dog walking, unplanned days off

no structure. i might do a 20 hour week or a 5 hour week- it depends on the weather, motivation and work

spend more time sleeping in and with friends

work on any nagging imbalances, injuries, etc.
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by Wingnut

I surf, then I surf some season I seem to be surfing more than riding too...hmm?
"It's not the's the ride!"

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by Kastrup

This winter i'll probably do a fair bit of running. Both on- and offroad, should be interesting. I have always enjoyed running but i usually only manage 30 minutes before i'm totally smashed :)

I try to get in some long rides at moderate tempo on my cross/commuter/hybrid bike when the roads allow it (here in Denmark we often battle with either loads of salt or loads of ice).

I'm not a serious racer so my hours doesn't differentiate much. I'll probably get less hours in as some will be replaced with running hours.
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by Weenie

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by basilic

KWalker wrote:do lots of random junk mile rides that make no sense

yep ^ my whole life is off season

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