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by eordman

I've decided to go from my 36/46 chainrings to a single 38 tooth rotor q ring. I've wanted to try out 1x10 and q rings for a while, I figured I'd do both at once. I have an n gear jump stop to use on the inside. What would you recommend for the outside? Would I be fine just using my old 46 tooth chainring as a guard? Should I get one of those BBG bashguards? If so, what size?

Thanks everybody

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by headwind816

Me, I use a 46t on the outside so that I can also have a double ring set-up for my commutes. I have two separate chains sized accordingly: 38t and 46t/38t. I switch out chains for races/commuting.

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by cerro

Nice switch, I'm using a single 39 q-ring on my bike
/jonas l (my cyclingblog)

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by artnshel

I run a 40t rotor ring. I started with an N-gear but had my chain come off too often so I switched to dual 42t carbon guards. Also the thinnest BBG's will bend if you hit a barrier hard. If you find that 40t guards keep your chain on I'd like to know.

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by mtbstuff

I run a 42t Rotor with a N Jump and a FSA carbon outer guard.
I think I'm going to go to a 40t...age is taking a toll on the legs :^(
Never had it come off in many seasons.
If you have you chain length correct...your chain shouldn't come off.

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by scottyroyal

Am in the same boat, currently run a 38/46 Q-ring set up.
Going to try just the single 38 with one of these: ... cts_id=475

Use a similar setup on the MTB and it works like a dream.

Will post images once done

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by row618

I ran a sinlge for a year and went back to the double. I found the single was good for about 1/5 of the courses i rode.

I run q rings and really can't picture going back. But when i ran a single it was a reg. ring. A single q ring set up would be intresting. I would go 42 at the smallest. With the new 11-28 cassettes there is nothing that you could not handle. If it is too hard for a 42-28 then it is faster to run anyways.


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by ultyguy

Any reports back for Q-ring for cyclocross? I bought a partially built bike with them on there. I can't say I love them for high cadence, but think they would work great for grunty CX stuff so was thinking of swapping them onto the CX bike which has a bent outer ring at this point anways.

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by JN2Wheels

This is interesting and relevant...

Here's an image from Christopher Sausser's Leadville bike (credit Velonews: Caley Fretz). Rotor q-ring, 104bcd, non-round with xx1 tooth profiles... If true, rotor may have some 110 or 130bcd rings in the pipeline. No guard or guide needed!


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by schmiken

If you check out velotechservices they have XX style thick thin rings in stock now.

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