best hubs on a medium budget?

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by hiro11

105 hubs are hard to argue with. DA and Ultegra hubs are slightly nicer finished and feature slightly lighter materials but they are all mechanically the same.

The Novatec 291/482 combo is cheaper, bulletproof and very light for the price. Low spoke count drilling is standard as well.

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by yz387

As mentioned, the BHS hubs are a great option. They are the best value out there IMHO. In fact, I like the set I use on my last build so much, I am not sure if I will ever buy a "high end" hub set again.

by Weenie

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by cww180

How much does a set of the BHS hubs cost?

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by LouisN

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by shimmeD

I joined in a moan about too lazy to read/search (and that includes google, esp when you can type bikehubstore!) but WTF here's another affordable hub source, cww180" onclick=";return false;
Less is more.

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by bombertodd

I just built a set of wheels with bike hub store hubs (SLF85W front and SL210 back) laced to Pacenti SL23 rims and could not be happier. The hubs really exceeded my expectation.

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by JN2Wheels

I've built 2 wheelsets in the past week with these hubs. Haven't ridden them yet, and am going to do a write up here as all the bits came from BHS... But the hubs were right on target with weight, and spin really well in the stand. Quite nice looking too. Easily the best hubset I can imagine for $140. SL85w front and SL211 rear.

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by Causidicus

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by ninjaman

A definition of your budget would help to whittle down the huge price range in this conversation...

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by bm0p700f

the A291/F482 hubs are not bullet proof. In the dry they work well here in Britain use them in winter and the bearing will last maybe 1000 miles. The bearings are small and wear quickly and show them water and nasty things happen. I have pulled a new F482 hub apart after 300 miles of winter riding and they were not is good shape. All bearings had to be changed for INA's hopefully that will help them last longer. I think they are fine for dry weather use - I have a set and keep them for this and for this they are great. Bullet proof they are not.

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by kavitator

Some Novatec hubs (specially if you buy them from e bay) has cheap MBK bearings- they are for nothing.
EZO last longer

Bitex hubs with enduro (or now with some new taiwan) bearings are better

For more spokes i would go with Shimano 105, ultegra, duraace or Campagnolo hubs

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