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by Liggero

I think it's clear that Vuelta organization is clearly not as good as Tour or even giro, but because it's held in september, there are always good riders there.

The time bonuses at the finish, and the uphill finishes are a good thing for spectacle, and also not having a full first week for sprinters makes it very nice, too.

But i think the most important is that in the tour, riders prepare it so specifically that we always know who is going to win it months before, specially the latest two editions.
Then, I think the giro is perhaps the most beautiful race, with narrow roads and so on. Vuelta has way too many roundabouts or highways, but it's always sunny and not too too hot. Giro dates are too cold, and also it's too close to the tour.

I think right now vuelta is clearly the best GT to watch. Tour has the highest level in riders, but it's way too boring.
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by Weenie

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by euan

The ASO half owns if not more of the Vuelta
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by lippythelion

euan wrote:The ASO half owns if not more of the Vuelta

They must be gutted that a Spanish GT trumps their home race :beerchug:

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by ave

Have to agree, the Vuelta is great to watch!
Also, Plouay's field sprint was way better than the usual Tour sprint. I like sprints when I don't have an idea who will win.

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by dereksmalls

Has anyone seen coverage of the World Ports Classic? Supposedly got Mark Renshaw and Tom Veelers with onboard cameras broadcasting - I'd be interested to see some of that footage. http://www.velonation.com/News/ID/15361/Peloton-viewpoint-as-cameras-on-bikes-permitted-for-World-Ports-Classic-which-starts-today.aspx

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by djm

Watched it on Eurosport but I didn't see any rider POI camera views.

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by micky

Innrg.com had some short footage days ago.

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by ultimobici

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/f1-star ... -euskaltel

Nice one!

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by Routier

Beaten to it!

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by KB

Great news indeed. I'll be cheering for Alonso in F1.

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by trychle

Is this the future of the sport alongside bicycle manufacturers taking over teams?

I might be pessimistic, but I do no longer see why any company from outside the cycling industry would want to sponsor a professional cycling team (due to doping-issues, reliabilty problems..).
But then again, it might be better for professional cycling after all.
As I see it cycling fans can actually make sure that professional cycling is preserved in this tendency.

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by ultyguy

Banco Santander looks the obvious one to step in as the lead sponsor as they've had a long cooperation w/ Alonso in F1 and of course have their heart in the region (well Cantabria, but close).

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by ultyguy

That was pretty amusing, in the break, Tomasz Marczynski just asked Ulissi for a drink from his bottle, which Ulissi obliged, 30 seconds later, he attacked and dropped him :D

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by prendrefeu

Sombrero to Horner!
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by ultyguy

Gutsy ride from Roche as well.

So fun to watch a climbing stage when no one has a teammate and it's back to old school mano a mano a mano.

by Weenie

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