Material for experimental wheel cover??

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by blakemulder

I would like to have a go at making some wheel covers from flexible plastic but after much searching on the net have thrown a blank - if anyone can suggest a suitable material/supplier I would be really grateful.


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by crashracer

foam and fiberglass? Cheap and available.

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by nickl

Don't do the foam & fiberglass thing.

There are plenty of guides around, eg: ... ._P3552095 ... orial.html

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by makerr

This description of a diy cover should be useful, it's the nicest looking one I've seen. ... ._P3552095

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by odin99

based on the slowtwitch threads looks like ppl have used hi impact styrene and ABS.

check out this website:" onclick=";return false;
they ship, but the shipping is way more than the plastic.

edit: i live only a few miles away... i think i might try to make a disc cover myself since its so cheap.

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by MetaCarbon

These guys make wheel covers

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by blakemulder

thanks for all the info - went against common wisdom and fabricated a set made from cardboard so that I could get a better understanding of how to make them - just need to find a supplier of plastic sheeting in my locale - the covers I have made are black and look cool but I suspect they won't be great to ride! (how do I insert image here - dont have a web site to post from...)

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