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by tranzformer

1) What is the timeline from when we place our orders, to when kit is produced, to when it is shipped to when we receive it. i.e. what is the turn around time? Is it a few weeks? Several weeks? More?

2) If shipping becomes too much for some members on here and they are unwilling to pay the price for shipment, why not have the EU guys find a local company within the EU to make the WW kit for them? If they are happy with the design and would have ordered from one of the USA based companies except for high shipping cost, why not have Prend send you the design file, submit it to a EU company and then you guys could do your own WW kit order? Not to knock you out of this one as you are more than welcomed to participate, but if cost is too much maybe that is an option? Just thinking out loud.

by Weenie

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by prendrefeu

Shipping for everyone will probably range between $12-$15 USD, regardless of country. This is shipped FedEx 3-Day, with signature delivery, and based on the purchase of 1-jersey, 1-bib + armwarmers. If you get more, shipping will be more, but not substantially. I was quoted "up to $30, max, but that's if they buy a LOT of clothing"

1. 4-weeks after the store/ordering period is closed.
2. Always a possibility.
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by Ahillock

Those shipment costs are not bad at all. Probably a bit more expensive for the CONUS folks, but a good deal for the international guys for sure. Thanks for keeping us updated prend.

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by sawyer

Sounds good to me.

Fit is the big issue for me and I guess lots of us.
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by PSM


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by prendrefeu

It looks like we're going with Jakroo at this point.

I managed to snag a little time today to take photos of the samples that I have on hand. Hopefully these will give everyone some idea of what to expect with the clothing: the fabrics, opacities, features, etc:. My goal is to have everyone who is ordering know exactly what they are ordering, what to expect, and be happy with the results.

The following photos were taken outside, and they're Jakroo sample clothes (with the usual blah design & colors that samples usually have).

The shorts:

This is what the Carbonium chamois looks like. It has fairly thick pads with a super soft cover.

The bottom of the shorts has a "Power Band" - by now most top-end shorts have something like this in some form or another. It's basically a section of material that is different from the rest of the shorts meant to compress the thighs just enough to prevent the shorts from sliding (and maybe, if you believe it, some benefits from compression. :noidea:).

The interior looks like this: it's grippy, but not too much, and has a slightly rubbery feel to it.

The jersey:

There different materials are being employed - one for the arm, another for the side panel, and a third for the front & back panels.

The side panel is particularly mesh-like. I attempted to give you an idea of how revealing it might be in bright sunlight. It really isn't as bad as the Sky mesh jersey, but it's definitely a visible mesh. Good for venting.

Another picture showing the difference in materials between the front, side, and back panels:

On the back, there is a 4th security pocket (located on the far right side of the body). You can also see the reflective detailing that is located on the jersey's back (both sides). It is a small detail, but helpful.

There is a band of silicon on the lower edge of the back panel, to help prevent the jersey from riding up when you're in a full tuck. Like Cavendish. Or Kittel. Or your favourite sprinter.


Current status: waiting for proof verifications of jersey & shorts from Jakroo. I have a few questions I'd like to get sorted and answered before I sign off on these, and as it is now the weekend I'll have to get those answered on Monday.

I will keep everyone updated as things progress. My aim is to have the store opened by this coming Friday.

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by btompkins0112

Nice!! Looks like really quality stuff...good work. Thanks!

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by 53x12

Jakroo looks and sounds good to me. If it gets Prend's vote of approval I know it will be good. Prend has high standards.
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by astranoc

Great stuff, thanks very much for organizing this Prend.

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by bJay

Thanks Prend for doing this.

Can't wait for this order to happen :)

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by djconnel

Nice work -- the design will look good, I'm sure. And I'm happy my essential design elements remain. I can supply high-resolution art from the first order if that's useful.

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by djm

Ready to order, but I didn't complete the survey, hoping that is ok :)

Ok, anyone can order, awesome! And thanks for all the work guys!

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by KvnP

We had to fill out a survey to obtain this kit ?
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by prendrefeu

No, the survey was just to decide which design would be used and get an estimate of how many people will be ordering - which gives us a solid pricing level once the online store is opened. Anyone will be able to order.

At the moment, I'm awaiting verifications from the folks at Jakroo. I am hoping to have the store open by Friday. Hoping.
Jakroo also wants to update their sizing charts for us as the Tour level jersey, which we'll be getting, will now have 3 different cuts available.

We should have on offer:
-Skin Suit
-Arm Armers

Both men & women garments, various cuts available: relaxed, semi-fit, race (in order of tightness to body).
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by Weenie

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by serbelo

Thanks prend for the hard work! Will definetly order one!

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