not a $15,000 giant tcr, but...

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by jim

here is my current project bike, along with a few photos. unfortunately, i did not weigh every single part, but the ones that were, are listed. some pics also.

Frame: 2004 Giant TCR, size medium - 1038 g which includes derailleur hanger and bolts (alloy), bb cable guide and bolt (alloy)

Fork: 2004 Giant - 334 g

Headset: FSA / Giant w/alloy cap bolt, Giant carbon top cap, Giant expander mechanism

Headset Spacers: Giant carbon, 5mm stack

Stem: Syntace F99 105mm, with Ti bolts - 97 g

Handlebar: Schmolke carbon / kevlar, 43cm outside to outside - 162g

Handlebar Tape: Cinelli Cork

Saddle: AX Lightness Sprint - 71 g

Seatpost: Extralite The Post UL, cut to 330mm - 147 g

Seat Binder: BTP carbon, Ti bolt - 6 g

Front Derailleur: Shimano Dura-Ace 7700, Ti bolts

Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record 9 Speed Carbon, Fibre Lyte plate - 189 g

Shift and Brake Levers: Campagnolo Record 9 Speed Carbon (opted not to install BTP clamps due to safety concerns)

Crank Arms: Storck Power Arms Pro Road ISIS 172.5mm - 318 g

Chain Rings: Specialties T/A 53/39 - 124 g

Chain Ring Bolts: Speedmetal 8 g

Crank Fixing Bolts: FSA Alloy... need to replace!

Bottom Bracket: American Classic 108mm Cromo ISIS - 140 g

Cassette: Shimano Dura-Ace 9 speed 12-21, two loose spacers replaced with Campy resin 9 speed spacers. Shifts and runs perfectly.

Chain: Wipperman Connex 10 speed... waiting for Campy or Connex 10 speed hollow pin chain!

Brakes: Zero Gravity - 196 g the pair, including pads.

Wheelset: American Classic Magnesium 300 clincher, 28 front / 32 rear, Revolution spokes front, Revolution / Comp rear 1197 g
AC is shipping these now. I've had mine for about two weeks. With 400 miles on them so far, I can only say these are amazing clincher wheels.

Tires: Kenda Kaliente Iron Cloak, 23mm

Tubes: Kenda Ultralite

Rim Strips: Rox Ultralite - 3 g each

Skewers: Control Tech Titanium, 49 g

Cables & Housings: Jagwire

Pedals: Speedplay X-1 with Alloy plates and Ti Bolts 130 g

Bottle Cage: BTP Carbon 13 g

Computer: Vetta RT88 Wireless

Total weight as weighed is 12.1 lbs

Ridden at least three times a week by myself, being 155lbs. This bike is built for reliability, durability, performance, and light weight. Every part in my opinion is durable enough for everyday use. Alloy cogsets, carbon chainrings, featherlight tires and other such items would drop the weight, but defeat the purpose of the bike being durable. With further improvements, I hope to drop below the 12lb barrier, with the current clincher wheelset. Losing the computer, and using carbon tubular wheels would obviously accomplish this easily, but going sub 12 is a challenge with clinchers!
rear view
front end
side view

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by nikh

Great looking machine, looks very fast!

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by limba

Anything bad to say about those wheels?How do they compare stiffness wise to other wheelsets?Are they as stiff as Ksyriums?I weigh 135 right now I should be 130 max in the summer.
I have an Ultegra/Dt/Mavic wheelset and I'm looking for some new wheels.

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by jim

limba, i don't have enough miles on the mag 300 wheels to be objective yet, but thus far they are nice. plenty stiff enough for me. afraid i have never ridden ksyriums. i shouldn't be riding these magnesium wheels all of the time, but i cannot help myself :) usually, i putter around on my ac sprint 350s, which if built appropriately, are great everyday wheels

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by Superlite

Nice bike jim. Say, where did you get those spiffy speed play inserts? :wink:

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by KB

Welcome to the TCR club Jim. Nice rig. Notice it's black and shiny rather than matt. Is that what they are doing for 2004 anyone? The Advanced we saw was also shiny. Maybe I should have waited to get mine changed. Amazed at the weight of those clinchers, but I think you will get an even better ride if you use tubulars. Anyway, it's already on my personal picture gallery.

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by HäddaFahn

The bike looks like an easter egg...hehe.
Not my taste at all...dont atek it personal was my first impression... 8)

PS: ahh now that i read over it...yu mixed campa and shimano...tztzt :shock:

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by jim

superlite, those inserts are rather nice, and have been working fabulously :D.

kb, the gloss top coat indicates a 2004 model bike. i was never a fan of the matte finish, but nevertheless, the 03 / 04 framesets are a super value for the money. i already have a pair of superlight carbon tubular wheels, which i reserve for special races, hilly centuries. no clincher compares to the ride of a sewup, i agree

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by spytech

very nice, ohhh - i wish i had a 12lb bike for everyday use. like KB said welcome to the TCR club. 8)

so the mag rims are holding up pretty well for everyday use? please tell us more about them. oh, and your opinion on the schomoke bars.

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by jim

spytech, american classic recommends their magnesium wheels as event / race wheels. right now i have about 450 miles on them. the rims feature a ceramic coating which could be tough on pads. i'm using a ceramic pad up front, which is wearing well, and a dura-ace type pad on the rear, which is seeing a little more wear.

i will continue to use them whenever i ride this bike. so far, they are doing well. perfectly in true. in hindsight, it would've been nice to get them built with cx-rays, but i like the revolution / competition spoke setup on the rear.

as for the schmolke bars, they are light and stiff. i really like the clamping area, which is alloy wrapped. i have damaged a few other carbon bars in the clamp area, even though i was following the manufacturer's torque specs. i feel very safe on these bars, and i think they are worth the money. in addition, they are unique :)

Tim the Pineapple
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by Tim the Pineapple

Nice Bike !

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by TeschnerBoy

Nice ride, where did you order your storcks and specialties chainrings from

Thanks in advance

Teschnerboy :)

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by jim

i was fortunate enough to run into markus storck at interbike in 2002, and as luck would have it, he was toting around a few pairs of his cranks. i actually had to warranty this first set i purchased after they cracked around the pedal spindle area on the drive side. that said, i did get a good amount of use out of them, and storck were good with their warranty process. hopefully set # 2 does a little better.

check out i do not know if they are up and running yet, but bob peake may be able to let you know what is on the way.

the specialties t/a chainrings can be obtained from euro asia, who is the only importer of this line. you will need to go through a dealer to obtain these, as euro asia are distributors, and do not sell to the public. euro asia is located in ca

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by ras11

12lbs... for an all day rider :D you are one hard core dude!
:-) Toys-R-Us

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by cadence90

jim wrote:the specialties t/a chainrings can be obtained from euro asia, who is the only importer of this line. you will need to go through a dealer to obtain these, as euro asia are distributors, and do not sell to the public. euro asia is located in ca

I believe Peter White sells TA chainrings/cranksets, direct to the public:
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