Which tubular with low rolling resistance/high protection?

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el condor
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by el condor

Probably being discussed a lot before but couldn't find an answer.
Soon I will be doing a 200km ttt, I got a full carbon tubular wheel set which is very light so some time back I fitted Veloflex extreme tubbies for a light uphill wheel set. I'm thinking on using the wheel set for the ttt but the "extreme" tubbie isn't flat proof enough, some use liquid sealant before hand, so what would you suggest, fit a different tubbie or use the sealant?
I never used sealant as I think it would noticeably roll less well and be heavier.
If fitting a different tubbie, which one has a low rolling resistance and a god protection?

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by Kastrup

A tubular with good RR and pretty good puncture resistance would be the Continental Cmnpetition. To me it has a good mix between all the abilities you are looking for in a tubular tyre.
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by laleme

another vote for the conti competition :thumbup:

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