Jagwire Sealed Brake/Shift Kits

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by johnsaysthisnow

So, bikerumor had a post about them here http://www.bikerumor.com/2013/08/08/upgrade-your-cables-with-jagwires-new-elite-road-and-mtb-kits/,

And they're shown on Jagwires website here http://jagwire.com/products/category/diy_cable_kits (road elite sealed is what I'm looking for specifically)

Anyone I've asked seems to know very little about them, and they're not even listed in the QBP catalog as an item, let alone in stock for a shop to acquire...

I'm assuming it's just "wait til october" as per the bikerumor post, but if anyone has any inside hook up on where to find these, I've a cross bike to build up for the season! (And, if the projected price is correct, not pay double for a Gore kit)

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by Chello

Looks like you have all the same info as most of us. I see nothing on QBP, not even projected availability. I suppose trying to contact Jagwire directly couldn't hurt.

If gore is unavailable I know Sram is producing a sealed cable system now that I've seen available. Similar pricing to the Gore systems though.

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by ms6073

Seems in the past that it has taken between 4-6 months after the cycling media announces new products from Jagwire before they are widely available outside Taiwan. Typically I have seen them on offer on Ebay from sellers in the far East long before western distributors have any stock.
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by sigismond0

The current Sram cables are actually made by Gore, identical to their old cables. They still manufacture for Sram but dropped their own branded line.

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