2014 s-works Roubaix SL4 with DA9070

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by dha

Arrived Saturday morning, ordered when the order book opened on August 1st. Think it must be one of the first few in the UK.

Rides like a dream, DA 9070 is a lot smoother than Ultegra 6700 as well. Didn't expect as much of a difference.


Weight 7.2kg, considering some lighter tubular wheels

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by tinchy

Think they sent you a bent seatpost

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by TrekUk

What the heck is that seatpost? everything looks stunning but im not a fan of Shimano wheel graphics. thats about all!
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by Maximilian

The seatpost is called the "COBL GOBL-R"

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by wolfesquire

Fugly seatpost. No matter what the name is.

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by philipBer

change the seatpost and those wheels, then: :thumbup:

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by bencolem

It's an epic build list and I'm sure it's an epic ride but a). That seatpost is gopping and b). The black and silver of the full DA demands some silver (rather than red) on the frameset.

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by mpower

philipBer wrote:change the seatpost and those wheels, then: :thumbup:


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by btompkins0112

If the man wants a "Koch Goblr" seatpost, let him have one! :shock: :oops: :lol: :noidea:

Nice looking ride! Those wheels are the dogs, so don't let these fashion weenies convince you to change them! :beerchug:

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by kbike00

Bike looks great, but the seatpost...

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by Mr.Gib

[quote="btompkins0112" Those wheels are the dogs, so don't let these fashion weenies convince you to change them! :beerchug:[/quote]

One day someone will explain to me why everyone in the UK (and in some other places) thinks that a dog's testicles are such a great thing. Here they are just.... a dog's testicles. :noidea:
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by mrfish

Personally I like the seatpost design. And if it smooths out the road then great. State of the roads in the UK I think it's a reasonable addition and fits the purpose of the bike. But for me the wheels are an odd choice. Personally I'd go for something a bit lower profile.

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by eigner

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