Changes in weight and feel of the 585 until the 586??

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by currieinahurry

Used to love my look 585 think it was a 2007 model.. All white with black graphics and thinking I might get the same again. However I managed to second the bb casing from the frame which I ended to with a 595 but never liked it as much.
So did they change the 585 at all over the years and when was it discontinued? And most of all did weights stay the same?
Quite fancy some real tinkering my next frame with lots of custom parts.. :)

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by tranzformer

I am also thinking of finding a 585 to build. I believe 2010 was the last year it was produced. Other than paint schemes that changed over the years, I believe the only major changes was move from FSA integrated headset to the Look Headfit system. Not sure if there were some other minor changes over the years or not. Weight should still stay the same over the years, just depends on the paint scheme of the frame. I believe small was into the 900s and medium was around the 1000g mark or there abouts. The fork was low 300g range before being cut if my research is correct from other forum posts.

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