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by kamikaze

Zakalwe wrote:If you're interested in it, there's one guy I know of in Aus who's got a book and some videos online, can't vouch for his level of expertise but he seems to know the basics of sewing, lasting and the rest - goes by the name of Tim Skyrme, might be a decent starting point for you. There's also a forum called the crispin colloquy where some guys, mainly in the USA, talk over technical stuff.

It's a pretty deep subject though, there's a lot of steps and many distinct skills required for each stage so lots to learn. If you have any questions I'd be happy to give my opinion on what might help along the way so just feel free to ask.

Cool! I've seen a lot of his videos, but I didn't realise he was in Australia. I think I'll just keep chucking along and then go to a course over christmas or something. Thanks, I'll bear that in mind :)

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by whilgenberg

As far as custom shoes go, the best pair of all-carbon shoes that I have seen made are by my friend Simon Sanderson. He's an absolute wizard when it comes to composites. Regardless, he made some beautiful, stiff, and lightweight shoes for himself so that he could fit in his fully-faired recumbent. (Oh the things we do in order to fit in those tiny bikes...)

Custom Carbon HPV Cycling shoes. 102g each by British Human Power Club, on Flickr

Custom Carbon HPV Cycling shoes. 102g each by British Human Power Club, on Flickr

And of course the honeycomb core for the super-stiff soles.
custom cycling shoes. nomex core of sole by British Human Power Club, on Flickr

He also makes his own disc wheels and carbon crank/chainring combos but I'll save those for another posting.

A link to his flickr account:

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