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by rbn1995

I've got a pair of 2011 4za 50mm carbon wheels, and I decided that I wanted to remove the decals for aesthetic reasons. The back wheel decals came right off, just had to use a knife carefully pushing enough of the decal up, so that I could just peel it right off.
The front wheel however is a whole different story. As to the back wheel I could easily feel that the decals could be peeled right off, the front wheel decals almost seems like they're painted on. I tried the hairdryer solution and no amount of heat does anything to it. It seems that easy solutions aren't an option anymore and I need to use a couple of hours to scratch it off or use acetone to dissolve the glue holding the decals though that doesn't seem like a good idea, so I'm asking you forum, what can I do?

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by sungod

hmm, maybe the front ones are under a layer of clearcoat?

you could experiment on just the edge of one with acetone, isopropyl alcohol etc. and see if that will do it, acetone is commonly used for degreasing cf rims, i use it on mine without problems

fwiw i had some mavic wheels where the decals on one wheel came off easily, but on the other wheel were a nightmare, apparently identical stickers, big difference in tenacity

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