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by senator52

Hey guys,

I've done a lot of looking around trying to get confirmation on this, but havent seen it written anywhere explicitly and want to confirm before purchase.

I've recently bought a CAAD10 frameset and was looking to get the Cannondale SISL2 cranks. I want to run an SRM, and was wondering, first is it possible to get the SISL2 as crank arms only (I have talked to my LBS about this, but he doesn't sell many in the lower socio-economic area I live, so he wasnt sure)?

Secondly, if I have to buy the version with the spider rings, Im guessing you can remove the spider ring (LBS kept saying crank is one piece, Im guessing thats rings only?) and that the crank arms are compatible with the SRM spider? Then I would probably get some Praxis Works rings to run with my Di2 9000 build.

Just want to make sure, everything is compatible before I drop $1k on a crank that isnt compatible to an SRM.

I understand that to be compatible with the SRM I will need the new wider spindle.

Thanks for the help clarifying before purchase.

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by DCnoJ

As far as I know the SiSL2 is only available with the spider ring. The spider ring is removable and the current Cannondale SRM is compatible.

by Weenie

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by OwenJames


1. The spidering is not bonded to the drive side crank arm. It is connected with a lockring.

2. Yeah, they do appear to only be available as a set with the chainring.

Source; I have these cranks and the spidering.

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by Beancouter

If you want SISL2, Thought about a Stages power meter? They are SISL2 compatible, über light and less expensive. Initial reviews were a bit mixed, but the later stuff I have seen has be pretty good. Or the new vector pedals - due out next week....

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by Dammit

As has been said the Hollowgram cranks are a modular design so you can swap things around very easily- once you have the proprietary Cannondale tools, that is.

I've run 130 and 110 bcd spiders on mine, and an older wired 130 bcd SRM before my current 110 bcd wireless SRM.

For the inevitable "back to SRM for a battery" period that crops up every couple of years I've got a spare 130bcd spider with "Cipo gold" Cannondale rings.

I'd keep the Spider rings for that purpose, it's annoying not being able to ride your bike for a couple of weeks.

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by senator52

Great thanks for the info guys. Initially I think I'll run the spiderrings and save for a couple of months til I get the SRM. Appreciate you help!

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by OwenJames

You will not be disappointed with these cranks. They are shockingly good and look the absolute business.

Keep an eye on the main crank bolts, left and right, when you have installed them (use a torque wrench to install to exactly the correct tension). While mine did not come loose, they lost a bit of tension after a month or so of bedding in, and needed to be tweaked back to the correct tension. Took 2 seconds with a torque wrench, of course, but good to keep an eye on them.

Riding these things, be prepared for superb stiffness that just demands to be stamped on as hard as you can. Genuinely wonderful components, and despite the massive price tag, worth every Dollar/Euro/Yen you spend on them.

They polish up lovely too!

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by deltree

Ask WW user Vallinotti what BB spindle he's using.


I know the SISL requires a different spindle with a notch when installing a SRM. IIRC the SISL2 uses a 109mm spindle as opposed to a 104mm one.

by Weenie

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by tcurtbike

The new 109mm spindle/spacers set is compatible with the Cannondale SRM, there's no more need for any SRM specific parts.

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