7x9mm carbon rail saddle & Ritchey Superlogic 1-bolt adaptor

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by flips

I have a Ritchey Superlogic Carbon 1-bolt Seatpost. I'm considering purchasing a MCFK Carbon Saddle. The MCFK's rails are 7x9mm, ovalized. However, on Ritchey's site they list two adaptor sizes, 8x8.5 and 7x9.6. Does anyone know whether I could shim the rails somehow and use the 7x9.6, or any viable solution?


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by 5 8 5

The way the clamp works, I would expect the 7x9.6 to work fine.

by Weenie

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by Biff


...If not some braided tape can add a little to the diameter

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by em3

...7 mm is the width and 9.6 is the height...the width is the most important factor to be concerned about. You will be fine with a 7x9mm saddle rail.

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by flips

thank you all for the help!!


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by fitty4

I have used the superlogic seatpost with romin pro saddle (also 7x9 carbon rails) with zero problems, of course with the adapter. I wrote: "used" because I need a zero setback post which I now use

by Weenie

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by wing01

hmm,I have the same question which you have ,and my setpost and the adaptor which i got from wiggle is on my way,and I hope the adaptor will work!

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