11-32 cassette only new Ultegra??

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Just seen the Shimano announcements and the specific mention of a new 11-32 cassette was really interesting as I have many hours in the mountains this summer...

Will the 11-32 cassette also work with the new Dura Ace rear derailleur? Or is it Ultegra only?

Thanks all, FJ

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by dvincere

What I just read on Velonews said that DA-9000 users would need to buy the new Ultegra 6800 RD.

by Weenie

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by TrekUk

DA9000 only to 28t
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by FIJIGabe

Ultegra 6800 is will have a medium length cage RD available for the 32-tooth cassette, so unless DA makes the same, you're S.O.L.
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by Colin

I've seen plenty of mountain bikers use a 10t upper pulley to run road derailleurs with 11-32 cassettes.

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by maddog 2

I've run a 10spd 12-30 Ultegra cassette on a standard 6700/7900 rear mech okay (on three separate bikes now) if that's any good to you?

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by RussellS

My brother has used a short cage Shimano 600 rear derailleur with a 32 tooth rear cassette. So despite what Shimano says, I think the short cage Dura Ace rear derailleur will shift the 32 tooth Ultegra cassette just fine.

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by ergott

It depends on the rear hanger. Shimano says 28t for 9000 so that it will work. Exceptions are there, but I wouldn't spend that much money on the experiment.

Shimano and Campagnolo missed the boat on this. Sram has large capacity rear mechs at the Red level.

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by djconnel


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by virenque

you can order the inner/outer RD cage plate for the 6800 and fit it to a 9000 RD

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by maxxevv

That depends on the mounting for the cage plates. You can do that ONLY if they are identical. That remains to be seen.

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by absinthe

Might be old news by now, but to the OP the new Scott Solace 10 has a complete Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 11-speed groupset, with a 50/34 crankset and 11-32 cassette combination.

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by coolmingli

I have the 11-32 cassette and GS mid cage RD, they work great, the cassette looks big, it is too much for the SS short cage RD to handle.

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by absinthe

I was researching this for ages too.
I'm building a new bike on a well priced Dogma 2 frame.
I wanted a Dura Ace 9000 but also an easier gear since I live in a area with mountains and some shocking sharp punchy climbs.
So my bike shop are putting a 11-32 ultegra cassette on the Dura Ace, and they say it will work.
I'm a total tech newbie, so I hope they are correct.

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by HillRPete

Running stock DA-7900 with 12-30 just fine. If you get a bit creative with the chain length, B screw, and possible 10t top pulley, 11-32 should be doable on most (all?) frames (RD hangers), I would reckon. For chain tension it might be advisable to trim to big-big cogs without the extra 2 links, at the price of giving up the front-big / rear-big cross-chained gear (which one shouldn't use anyway).

BTW, long cage Ultegra 6700 handles 11-34 out of the box (on another frame of mine). So there's room to go to an even wider range with that RD (probably not too much demand, though).

by Weenie

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