Longer legs vs shorter torso

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by digitalnorbs

I was wondering what people do in this instance, im 5' 7.5" - 5' 8" with 33 inseam, so with that per my fits and some online calculators, i need to be around 74cm saddle hight with around 6cm setback give or take, that gives you a pretty large saddle to bar drop, even with my Cervelo RS, do you guys ride 56 bikes or I just have to work on my self for better flexibility, im not totally useless, but could be better, please advise

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by 5 8 5

Wouldn't it make sense to ask this in your other fit thread?

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I agree with 5 8 5, you already have this going on in another thread. That being said, I have ridden and raced a good number of different sizes, from 52 up to 56. The 56 I had was a Jamis, so it is close to Cervelos old geometry of parallel 73 degree seat tubes. I did well on that bike, but I had areas where it did not work well for me, in particular standing to climb. I never felt like I could get down into the bike to pull on the bars.

I am now on a 52 Cannondale. If you check your other thread, I posted some links to pictures of me on it in a race situation.

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by digitalnorbs

sorry, I know, I have way too many threads going on, how can i delete this one.

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by Powerful Pete

Locking this thread. Continue conversation in the other thread please.
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