Why won't Hipster cyclists wave back at me?

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by ave

In Hungary most of the oncoming riders will wave back.
In France and Italy I was suprised that they weren't. But then, there were 10 times as much cyclists, so I guess it's the same thing as with village folks vs. city folks.
If you pass the critical point, it's just too much to wave to everybody.

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by donham1

OP here.

Thanks for all of the answers/opinions. I think just about every comment rang true.

1 There are too many cyclists to expect to get waves back from everyone(although hipsters rank dead last)
2 Not everyone sees me wave
3 Some are focused on the road
4 My fave comment was the one comparing roadies like myself to high school jocks, though I was a band "geek" in high school.

Anyways, thanks for letting me rant!

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by MattSoutherden

If you can't wave with both hands while pulling a no-handed wheelie, then don't expect a nod back from me.

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by Colin

I can only speak for where I live, but typically the cat 5 wannabe racer guys are the worst (and the tri guys, but I can't say I want them taking their hands off their aero bars). Actually, at my college, the "hipster" fixie guys are some of the more knowledgeable cyclist in the area. Most of them race road and/or mountain bikes, they make up majority of the mechanics in the area (and some damn good ones at that), and a handful even race track.

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by Wingnut

nayr497 wrote:Cycling is the new golf? Hmm.

Well it has been here in Oz since we had the worlds at Geelong...
"It's not the destination...it's the ride!"

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by Juanmoretime

The cyclist in my area for the most part wave. Any not hipsters more commuters that ride fixies or single speeds? Kind of a cultural thing that involves a bike and not a sport.

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