Red '12 10 spd grp + Red '13 11 spd RH STI + chain + cass.

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by dmoneysworks

Excluding forum members weeracerweenie & monchito who have successfully jumped to 11 speed sram has anyone taken a MY2013 11 speed RH STI (red or force) + chain + cassette (sram or shimano) and mated it with a MY2012 YAW red group?

Am I the only one who's thinking/ trying this? On a Saturday afternoon I am throwing caution in the wind! I have weeracerweenie who's kindly gonna help me modify my 2012 10 spd RH STI to go 11 spd. :thumbup: The chain + cassette arrive in a week. Order my 11 spd DT 240s freehub body on Monday. Experiment under way. :beerchug:

1. So far I can verify that the RD can easily move another 2mm toward NDS without running out of low stop screw - check
2. Assumption - YAW FD may get rub in big-big & small-small. I sometimes hit big-big under pressure racing but not fussed bout small-small rub-age! As I have a quarq S975 PM it may pay to get the red 22 chain-rings in future. :noidea:

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by wpccrunner

correct me if im wrong but isn't the cassette spacing different on 10spd and 11spd cassette? hence the pull of the shifter would not match the jump of the cogs on the cassette? maybe I am just over analyzing your situation...

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by Wookieopolis

I believe cogs are the same width, but spacing is narrower. Weeracerweenie/Monchito 's 10 to 11 speed conversions shouldn't work on a new 11 speed cassette as they kept the 10 speed spacing.

The OP's first question seems to be asking if a 2013 11 speed right hand shifter would work with an otherwise 2012 group, to which I think the answer is no one could tell you for certain yet. I assume it would shift the rear fine, Sram is keeping their exact actuation, but the 10 speed front derailleur is slightly wider than the 11 speed. Front shifting might suffer somewhat from that.

Tell the rest of us what works once you've tried dmoneysworks.

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by CharlesM

It wont work for you.

The chain and spacing are different. The shifter's pull ratio and clicks are different. The rear mech pull / angles are different.

You might pull a combination that passes to some degree but you'll get a sh!t shifting system that will work worse than just leaving your 10 speed alone.

There is virtually no functional difference between the two groups besides the extra gear. Dont screw up a good 10 system by half-step upgrading it.

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by sigismond0

If you mean you want to upgrade just the rear components (right shifter, cassette, and chain), you'll probably be fine in the back. The derailleur might also need to be upgraded if its range isn't wide enough for the whole cassette, but the pull ratio should work.

The problem will be up front. Your chainrings will be too far apart and your derailleur cage will be to wide to shift properly with the narrower 11s chain.

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by dmoneysworks

FWIW I run a S975 Quarq with 2012 rings and the shifting is amazing but i've noticed (pettyfoggy) it's not quite as crisp (quick and precise when upshifting) as when just using the 2012 crankset!

I expect if I update to 11 spd red rings it'll be better but again due to the slight difference in spacing not quite as crisp as a 2013 red crankset? I wonder if anyone has noted this moving between a S975 quarq and a 2012/13 red quarq???

Great comments so far - I'm thinking I'll be going the full hog with 11 spd shifters, FD and RD (I don't believe that a RD will make a difference) & rings as my mate unfortunately crashed while out riding with Robbie McEwen‎ this morning so is buying my 10 spd kit for repairs!

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