Cavendish - hating his bike today.......

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by Horze

^^^ +1


ultimobici wrote:But you have no idea about Cavendish's real demeanour in the bunch or off the bike other that a few snippets from highly charged events. If he is such an odious character why is it that he is not baulked in the bunch and prevented from winning? Why is it that those that I have spoken to who actually know him well professionally still praise him despite no longer being in his employ?

Cs, hes at the back getting dropped.

euan wrote:Kittel isn't yet in the spotlight Cavendish is in, its Kittel's breakout season so it isn't fair to judge them.

The spotlight must really be turning heat up.
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by kulivontot

Come on, Cippo and those guys back then were so doped up on Testosterone, it's understandable for them to fly off the handle every once in awhile.

by Weenie

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by dereksmalls

Horze wrote:^^^

His is a horrible attitude. Stop trying to justify that kind of behaviour!

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Which kind of behaviour in particular? This particular instance of the original post? Getting angry with his bike after a crash when he doesn't know what has actually happened to it when he had had a good chance of winning? I'd be pissed off to

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by Valy

53x12 wrote:
Valy wrote:It's funny people talking about Cav running his mouth when they are so far away from his shoes...

We all wear shoes as all of us are humans. Each deserve to treat each other with respect and not be a douche bag. Cav is a DB.

I just don't understand why people are calling him a DB? Like what... he got angry cos of a crash or bike not being all there? It's like chickens saying "omfglol that eagle is such a douche for having to hunt for food".

It's foolish to judge people from single incidents to begin with and to then talk shit about people who are completely different to 99% of other people is lerk... wut.

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by Ahillock

@ Valy, thing is those that don't like Cav have plenty of reasons not to like him. This isn't an isolated incident from just this year. He has acted like a spoiled brat for many years now. Many in incidents can be listed. We all don't have to like him or hate him. But we can have our own opinions of him and other professionals. Otherwise where would the fun be if we all believed the same thing.

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by Valy

Sure I understand that some people can be divisive, guess I just don't see him as much of that in him as others.

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by Guerdi

On VN about Sram HRR hydraulic road rim brakes :

"[...] SRAM claims that Mark Cavendish said they saved him from crashing in the big stage 1 pileup in the Tour de France on Corsica. [...]

Gotta love Sram's marketing claims :doh:

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by KB

:doh: 3 pages of crap about nothing.

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by nathanong87

Guerdi wrote:Gotta love Sram's marketing claims :doh:

that wasn't sram but it was rolf aldag who said in one of sram's tour videos interviews. Something to the lines of "pretty sure cavendish was one of the only ones to not crash [stage 1 of tdf or something] and i think it was because of the hydro brakes'.... something along those lines.

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by raxerbke

Cav get's a new frame every time he crashes. Many big riders on other teams have similar demands.
He refuses to ride a bike if it's had a single crash on it.

It is half superstition and half concern he doesn't want something that has hit the ground.

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by KWalker

He wins. A lot. He has every right to complain if his leadout sucks or something goes wrong, because 75% of the time if things go right he's untouchable. Maybe not as much anymore, but there aren't many people that can reliably deliver like he can.
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